Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Akuma/Gouki announced as playable character

Sep 22, 2013
da hell happened to Hwoarang? dude messed with DVJ one too many times

and as cool as the roster is, would it have killed them to have made at least one of the new characters darker skinned? :(
May 13, 2015
Hwoarang looks pretty cool. I didn't even notice him at first until somebody said it. I like all of the costumes. Just a different direction but still Tekken. I can't wait for this game to come out.
Aug 9, 2013
LOL, that's a bad sign.

Here's there
why is he wearing an eyepatch

is he hiding a sharingan or something? lol

its a lot of new costumes, i think so
Oh shit, didn't know that was Hwoarang with the eyepatch in those screens. Somehow I didn't pay much attention to it and thought it was Dragunov. Those custom items look slapped together and I never liked that hair option in Tekken 6, but I won't have to use it so it's all good.
Dec 7, 2015
Some other observations I have

- Paul's beard is black so this is the first time his beard's been a different color than his hair, usually it's far lighter. Besides that Paul's "overly American" outfit is just funny to me. Might as well name him Chibodee Crocket
- Hwoarang literally looks like he had to gain a new identity or something and he's coming back to the battlefield and by that I mean it's the only reason I can imagine him looking like this. Idk the eyepatch was cool but the hair change, just weird
- Steve's outfit is dope, no way around that
- Devil Jin looks great but he looks a bit on the thinner side? Maybe it's just the white. I don't know, I'd change his entire outfit completely black
- Alisa looks great


- Akuma having an EX Meter is completely fine with me

So far Heihachi, Kazuya, Jack and Law seem to be the only ones without new costumes yet right?
Dec 17, 2013
Wow, what's up with Hwoarang? Why he changed so much? He's ready for Hokuto no Ken lol, the costume is cool but the hair and the eyepatch... not a big fan.

Also, Paul... why the black beard? That looks dumb but his outfit is cool.

The others look cool, specially Steve! Wonder why Devil Jin is dressed like that, it seems he was captured.
Jun 16, 2004
Alisa & Steve - great
Devil Jin & Paul - eh, not terrible, but not amazing either. At least it's a change.
Hwoarang - My brain can't even process it yet. I look at it and think it's so over the top it's the worst thing ever, then I look again and it's so over the top it's the best thing ever.