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Tekken 7 is the worst single player experience I’ve ever had in a fighting game (vent thread/Devil Kazuya)


It's your fault OP. Tekken is not a single player game. It's entirely about multiplayer.
Tekken has had good single player in previous entries like T3,4 and 6. Namco's other fighter the Soul Calibur series has also had some good single player in it's series especially the first game Soul Blade. That's my favourite single player of any fighter.


Have been getting on the Tekken 8 hype train lately so I decided to pick up Tekken 7 on sale. Haven’t really played the series since Tekken 3, but I was fairly competent at the game, played in local tournaments (and did well) and I understand the fundamentals of Tekken and yet… some of the fights in Tekken 7 are utter bullshit.
The fight against Devil Kazuya on the lava stage in the story mode in particular has almost compete deflated any interest I have in continuing to play the game. Laser spam, hyper armor on so many moves, 1 hit kills, unseeable/non-reactable moves, perfect reads…. This was not fun at all. I’ve played most fighting games that have released in the last 10 years and I’ve never had less fun in single player then with this game. It was a total exercise in frustration. Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Smash, Marvel vs Capcom, DBFighterz are all better games imo when it comes to single player fight AI. Tekken 7 is a complete joke by comparison. I’ve *never* experienced something like this before in a fighting game. Terrible design.

The online is fine, human players can’t cheat like this, but sometimes you just want to play offline against the computer, or you know… experience the story. Have no idea why Harada and co thought this was good design. It’s literally made me hate the game. Even the Devil Kazumi fight was horrible. Just makes me think that the Devs have no idea how to program decent fight AI. Literally no other fight in any other fighting game I’ve ever played has been this stupid and frustrating.

I know I sound like a whinny bitch, but that’s what Tekken 7 story mode did to me. Even though the multiplayer is fine I’m just so angry from this experience I almost don’t even want to play the game at all anymore. It’s completely spoiled the entire experience.

I’ve seen some posts around the internet of people saying the same thing about Devil Kazuya, so I know I’m not alone. people saying they has to lower it to easy mode just to finish the story… Makes me wonder what kind of bullshit will be in Tekken 8, and if there’s even a point to get it at full price (or at all) if the single player will be this bad. I spent hours and hours playing Tekken 2 and 3 against the computer on hard difficulty back in the day and never had an issue like this.

Sure, I could just ignore it and only play online. But just knowing the time I wasted slamming my head into a wall has just made me hate everything about it. Zero respect for the players time. Wish I could have that time back. I’m just still reeling from that fight and salty af. Utter garbage.
it’s the underlying principle of unfair bullshit here that continues to eat at me and make me possibly never want to play the game again, even though I could just go back to focusing on multiplayer and have a pretty good time. Just knowing that the Devil Kazuya fight exists and the time I wasted on it is like this dark cloud hanging over my head that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s really soured the whole game for me. I can’t remember the last time a game made me this mad. Ugh.

And I’m sure there are some really cool fucking dudes out there who beat it first try, blindfolded and with a guitar hero controller. Good for you. Doesn’t make this fight any less stupid and frustrating. Devil Kazuya is the epitome of no fun and bad game design. Thank god I only paid $10 for this shit.

Rant/vent over
This is one of my big frustrations with fighting games. Most lack compelling single player content. SFVI looks to be the best in a while. It is one reason I really like the Soul Calibur series and Super Smash Bros. series.
You know thinking about this more today at work and I feel like if Devil Kazuya was an optional boss of some kind, or a challenge mode or something I think it would have been better. Still bullshit, but at least bullshit I’m choosing to walk into. The fact that these kinds of fights are in the story mode seems to be one of the major problems.

There’s plenty of extremely bullshit shit things in games in general, but the context of where and how they present themselves matters. Are you walking into the lions den of your own accord? Or are you suddenly falling into a pit of them?


All I know is tekken 8 has cross platform play and Im gonna be beating everybody on every platform. This is my idea of truly connected experience. Its gonna bring us all closer. No one userbase should be restricted to getting beaten by me. Its 2023.


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Alot of fighting games story modes are a shit show.

Only ones i've enjoyed are the ones by netherrealm studios like mk and injustice. Story isn't anything amazing in those games but fun.
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I never play fighting games never been great at them and I don’t really enjoy them, I got the platinum in tekken 7 in like two days, The games easy as fuck.

What’s this guy even moaning about 😂


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People who play Tekken for the storyline are doing it wrong. The whole plot is absolutely stupid, a group of family members plotting and killing eachother over a company for 10 years. You want story, go play Mortal Kombat.
I actually really like Tekken 7, but the first time I met Super Akuma in the story mode was a nightmare. So much cheap, unfair stuff to the point I where was questioning some of the design decisions in the game. Makes me wonder what they have planned for Tekken 8 since they are trying to grab all the newbies and casuals.
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