Tekken 8 - King Gameplay Trailer



Best grappler is here boys.
excited pumped up GIF by WWE


I'm honestly impress on how much polish and love they putting in each character, last time i was this impress was T5, and on a top of it this is coming straight consoles no need to wait for an Arcade release that will last 17 years, GGs Namco.
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Yeah, they look the exact same.
People tend to forget what Tekken 7 looks like. they just think it still looks good based on their memory experience which was great back then. not so much now.

Sadly this is always the same case with any 3D game. the only games that do not lose how pretty are the 2D and cell-shaded games ( to an extent). which is why many 2D games to this day are classics.

back to the topic, this King is fast. I love it. I loved the trailer. aside from Paul's hair not flipping upside down when he was in the upside-down position. It didn't look realistic at all ( in terms of physics I mean )


God damn our boy King looks soooo fucking good.

Love the flair on his new animations. Tekken 8 is putting a much bigger emphasis on the personality of each character and I love it.
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Game looks like its glitching out at 0:44 and 1:02.

Sadly, the momentum of movement in the Tekken 3 Enbu makes way more sense than anything shown for Tekken 8.

P.S. The texturing and uv maps are an improvement, but the same polygons in the shoulders give the illusion of next gen away.
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Actually, that is the woman who was a famous announcer for Pride MMA. If anything Tekken is lucky to get an announcer who is not monotone and brings the hype.
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