Telltale's unannounced Batman DLC rated?

No idea why but their Batman just didn't grab me at all, and I am seemingly one of the few who still enjoy the vast majority of their output. I have started Batman four times and barely made it an hour each time, but I just ripped through Season 3 of TWD and quite enjoyed it.
I finished Batman a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. They had some cool takes on traditional characters and Batman archetypes that I appreciated. Maybe this will be a smaller, 3 episode arc.
So the Batman game was really interesting from a story perspective but also complete garbage technically, probably the worst Telltale has done. TWD S3 felt like a massive leap in quality despite being released right after.

Hopefully they update it, is what I'm saying.
I really enjoyed it, it was a good Batman story and they handled the characters and world really well. I'm definitely up for more.