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Tempura of the Dead |OT| of 8-bit shooting/slashing XBLIG fun



Buy it!
It is on XBLIG right now for a mere 240 microsoft pts ($3 bucks in real money)

Marketplace link

Since this is a OT and you cant have those without some game info....

So what is this game?
The usual save the united states from a zombie invasion story. But this time it involves samurais, black presidents and juggling zombie heads around. Also some sweet 8-bit art, plus did I mention zombie head juggling?



More info can be found at the game Japanese site that I shamelessly copy paste all this from.

Reviews: Lol. It’s a xbox live indie game folks, these guys will be lucky if a major site bothers to pick this up. But some impressions from our very own gaf members:




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I downloaded the demo for this last night. Really fun. I'll probably pick up the full version.

distantmantra said:
I know that they're going for Obama, but I also thought the president looked like Lupin.

I get a strong Lupin vibe from the art too.


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Hybrid Lupin-Obama-Jigen teams up with Ishikawa Goemon to bring down zombies!

It's a pretty fun gam. Controls are a little stiff, but not in a really bad way. And the opening was so well done! Deserves to cause an undergound "Tenpura Fever!", surely!
This is fun, bought it after hitting the time limit on the demo. The 8-bit visuals and sound are spot on. Head juggling seems fiddly at first but when you get it down it's a lot of fun. Beat the first boss and just bought my first upgrade at the shop. Good stuff!


The water germs and hyper vampire zombies are now the most obnoxious platforming foes I have ever faced.

Yes, that means they suck more than those masks that chase you around in Mario 2 when you pick up a key. :(


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Just played the trial. Was probably the most fun I've had with an XLIG. Certainly cleansed me after trying out the horrible Captain Becky.

Getting the first juggle right before "tempura fever" is a bit annoying, it needs one less bounce imo. But otherwise it certainly seems like fun.


Totally got the Lupin vibe like others here. Although the LuBama character wouldn't have inspired this thought alone, the inclusion of a samurai instantly made me think Lupin and Goemon. This is all to say, I support this :D buy this game guys (if it's good.)


Picked this up yesterday after playing the Trial. At first I was wondering wtf was going on, every time a head hit the ground and made an annoying miss sound. Before it ended however I was intrigued by it's gameplay and enjoying myself. Then when the timer ran out, I bought it based on the fun that I was starting to have as I began to understand it's mechanics. Without the "money" from zombie skulls saved, and the gameplay mechanic of saving them I don't know if I would have enjoyed the game as much as it would have been too straightforward. But with the money to spend on upgrades and challenge of keeping Tempura Fever going....makes all the difference.

For 3 bucks, and because of what this game represents on the XLIG store...people should pick it up. Unless you just don't like fun.

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sciplore said:
The water germs and hyper vampire zombies are now the most obnoxious platforming foes I have ever faced.

Yes, that means they suck more than those masks that chase you around in Mario 2 when you pick up a key. :(

Yeah, they're bastards.

Anyone else having spotty jump controls? I facedive into a pit so often because the jump doesn't register. Game gets stupid hard, by the way.

EDIT: Didn't realize the thread was that old :lol


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I just picked this up looking for a way to spend these 240 MS points I've had in my account for ages.

Oh man. This game knows how to run the whole "8-bit game in HD" motif, right down to the tutorial, sound, art, everything. It's like Bill and Ryu Hayabusa joined forces in one NES game or something with widescreen.
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