TGS Bloodborne Trailer

What a morning to wake up to! 2015 is looking just incredible! and 2014 still has some huge releases to come! Looks like now is a great time to get into next gen #thisgen


Oh, bitch bitch bitch.
Never played a souls game. Can I jump right into this one?
You can jump into any of them. Bloodbourne will be good a beginning as any unless something terrible happens designwise. If you dont like horror though it might not be the best choice. Also it looks to be a faster game in combat than the Souls games.

Obtuse mechanics like these seem to be are the reason I use a hunting horn in MonHun. And I had just about talked myself out of a PS4.

2015 is going to be a really good year.
I NEED to know how the multi works so I can go on blackout already! The trailers are only hurting my heart and making the days go slower!

We're getting multi info this week right?!