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Drama Cringe Account Suicide The “Putting yourself on the line” betting thread


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Nov 14, 2018
It can be account bans, avatar changes, donations, buy a game/system, whatever. As long as both sides agree to it.

The intention can be for great causes, for fun, to make GAF even better, whatever reason.
Personally I am tired of seeing cryptoadam cryptoadam avatar spreading propagandas so I challenge you in this bet:

If Trump loses, you need to change to an avatar of my choice for the next 4 years

If Trump wins, I get banned for 3 months.

Agree? Or any other request?
I’ll wait 1 week for your reply

My backup is BlackOlivesMatter BlackOlivesMatter to change their username, if you don’t want to take this bet
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Jun 15, 2020
if trump wins i'll be glad to be an ocean away
same with biden

nothing against a bet but from what I've seen as little investment as possible seems to make for a better life


Oct 4, 2011
OP, you can just ignore users whose content isn't to your taste.
OP and liberals in general aren't about wanting to make things better. They just want a win. It's been a long time since they've had one which is crazy because they pretty much control the political narrative through facebook, twitter and the news and they still lose constantly.

Even if Trump ends up losing. Great, Biden get's to inherit a country that liberals have been trashing and burning for the better part of a year. Let them clean up their own messes and the rest of us can still put the blame on them for fucking everything up.
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Jan 4, 2019
The edge of a circle
I don’t know what that is tho
Your ignorance is not my problem
Two guys dress up and try to beat eachother with sticks. Balls are involved and there is a lot of green to play on.
Pretty close
That is a ridiculously lopsided bet
Negotiation and compromise is possible. I'm not a monster.
Sounds sexy. I will begin preparation.
Please do!!
Oh yessss