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The 3DS beating the Vita is the most unjust result in the history of console wars


I get it you're retarded special needs.

You guys really like your ad hominems around here. :lollipop_confused:

So I could spend hours debating with a bunch of strangers, making a constructive case as to why I believe the Switch is Nintendo's Vita 2.0 - and what would that prove? Absolutely nobody would change their mind, and I'd have wasted my time accomplishing nothing more than getting called names by youngsters who aren't even older than my backlog. Just not worth it. You guys play your little Switches and have yourselves a good time. The Vita remains gloriously supreme regardless. Personally I have acquired enough delicious weeaboo games for it to last me another decade or two. So that's one more unsold Switch for you to enjoy.



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I actually just ordered an aqua blue ps vita off of ebay a couple weeks ago as well. It should be here in a few days and I already grabbed a few physical games (Vanillaware's three titles) and I'll pick up a bunch of old school RPGs. I'm looking forward to sinking more hours into Dragon's Crown and Muramasa. Loved those games back before my 1000 tanked.


I'm always surprised at the hype of Vita. It's fantastic hardware, brilliant even, but the games are almost non-existent. You really struggle to find anything to play on it.

I think people buy it and get amazed by the quality hardware, but anyone who had the Vita for a while knows how dry that thing is.


Now I do understand why it flopped.

I wasn't kidding about that bad western marketing.

You really struggle to find anything to play on it.

That depends on if you like Japanese game design or not. If you only want to play western developed games, then yes, you'll have a small pool of quality titles to play on Vita. If you enjoy Japanese game design though, there's a large quantity of titles to play. I wasn't kidding when I said I've collected over a hundred physical titles for this machine. And my collection consists of games that are playable in English, I'm not talking about Japanese-only imports.


The Vita has tons of great games. Many of which I'd rather play than Mario/Zelda/Pokemon/Kirby re-re-re-re-re-re-reiteration #52 any day. The truth is if there was never a Vita, there never would have been a Switch. There was a time when the Vita was massively popular in Japan, and Japan fell in love with its design ethos (which Nintendo later cloned). Unfortunately the Vita was not marketed well in the USA. Nintendo absolutely kicks Sony's ass when it comes to marketing, that I won't deny.
So this was a Nintendo device:

The GBA came later, and the Switch is just that with detachable joycons on the side and a screen.
1. you got a 2ds, not a 3ds. If it was intended for looking games in two screens like the 2ds, that's what the ds from previous generation is for, and the ds games can also play in the 2ds and 3ds machines; the 2ds simply allows to play games that require newer specs.
2. I have both, Vita and 3ds; I still prefer 3ds because of the stereoscopic effect, plus also I like more the games for the 3ds. With the 3ds I can simply turn it on and release some steam since its games are in general more casual; the Vita games in general require that you commit to them, which many times feels like homework. No, I don't play games to have another chore
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