The Aloy (Alloy) Conundrum...

Came here to post this but first post didn't disappoint.

Like how can you play these games and still get her name wrong ? Especially for such an iconic and one of gaming's most recognisable character.
Because Lara is fuck-awkward to say, it being so similar to Laura doesn't help matters.

Not as bad as pronouncing Tidus as Tie-dus.
It should be Tie-dus. When the developers have to tell you it's not pronounced the way it reads you know they fucked up a name.
So, I've never played Horizon Zero Dawn.
But I know that the main protagonist has the name of Aloy.
However, on this very forum, I've seen people calling her "Alloy".

Now, normally I don't get as confused with incorrect names, but this one has stuck with me for awhile.
I've also seen many people championing/defending the game, while still calling her the wrong name.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, can you be a fan and champion something without even taking the time to spell the main character correctly?

Hand Solo is my favorite character in Star Wars. I can't wait for his solo movie!
This is the weirdest gate keeping I've ever seen.

And I have an English degree.
The pronounciation of the name always sounded a bit dutch to me, it's not how I would pronounce it on my own. But it is what it is and it's official, so I'll use it.
I take it in the same light as those people I know who, despite being quite intelligent, still say words like nuclear, interesting, jewelry, etc. incorrectly. Some people prioritize words and pronunciation, some people don't. I don't think it has any bearing on how much of a "fan" that makes someone.
It's an issue because it's a reference being used (incorrectly) outside of the medium.
I guess you also don't mind when people refer to the Paystation 4 or the Xbone X either.

Anyway, thanks for the pep talk, friends on the intranet.
I'll be sure to browse NeoGIF more because of this stimulating discussion.
How dare you waste our time on a thread about misspelling a name by one letter.

Now back to looking at funny Cat pictures!
How about Mario? It's ridiculous how people can mispronounce his name when he literally yells out his name every time...but people do.
Oh God how is it supposed to be said?


What? You mean without a colon? Are they gonna call the sequel "Horizon Zero Dawn 2"?
It'll be "Horizon Zero Dawn: 2: The Sequel: Aloy's Revenge."

That's what I'd call it.

In unrelated news, Horizon is fucking amazing. Definitely my GotY 2017 fore-runner so far.

Not as bad as pronouncing Tidus as Tie-dus.
I pronounce it "Meg Ryan."
When you spell names in different ways than people are used to people are bound to misspell the name, especially with auto correct and alloy / aloy.

Yes you can obviously be a fan of something without knowing how to spell something correctly. Maybe I don't fully understand the question though, as it seems self obvious.
Her name should have been Alloy. Ayy-loy sounds stupid, and never really stops sounding stupid over the course of 30 hours, which is the true test of a name. Ahh-loy sounds much better and is in keeping with the theme of the game and her character.
Because Lara is fuck-awkward to say, it being so similar to Laura doesn't help matters.
How is it awkward to say? Lara rhymes with the name Cara, like that actress Cara Delevingne that's it or ...what's so awkward about it? It's also happens to be an actual name in several cultures rather than just Latin influenced cultures.
I don't expect people to spell correctly (even if English is their primary language). Most people I came across in my life were bad at spelling. Many of my friends can't spell my name right even the ones who have French as their primary language (I'm French Canadian).
If your expectation is that people should spell things right then expect a life of disappointment.
Vivre et laisser vivre (live and let live).
Mainly posting itt so we have two Binky (Bine-key?) avatars, but her name is clearly an analogue based on the metal world and that language would evolve after whatever got them to that point.