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The Art of Mass Effect outs two more ME3 squadmates (spoilers)


∀ Narayan;34595598 said:
eh? I wonder how they're going to explain that one.

Presumably those stasis chambers or they were "hiding" in one of those random Prothean artifacts.


Nice, can't wait.

I wonder if anyone that played ME1 and/or ME2 plans to do one run without backing up the save files from previous games.

Gomu Gomu


Are you fucking kidding me?

God, that is so dumb.


of all people ?!!

Gotta give
Joker his chance at love, although it'd be funny if Shepard beat him there
. Not that I recommend you to do it, but if you check the Bioware forums it is stupid the amount of people who were asking for this to happen. I actually thought in ME2 they were going to go the route of
turns out EDI is a true AI, she goes mad, you have to fight against her by destroying the ship or something
but I guess not.

The other character is just... ugh. Doesn't it contradict the previously established fiction?

Foxix Von

Ugh I really want to want this game but the more keeps coming out about it the more it just seems like some sort of crazy amalgamation of god awful ideas. On top of that
design is just so awful, not to mention COMPLETELY out of place. It just looks entirely unappealing.

Like Salvadora said, the more I see of this the less I want it.


Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed; to kindness, to knowledge, we make promise only; pain we obey.
can we have sex with either of these characters?

As Chinner rightfully points out. I don't really care how they look or why they are designed a certain way. We need a big sign saying "Can be 'romanced'!" or "Don't get your hopes up."


Damn you Nirolak for making me curious enough to look. Both are such hilariously bad ideas, and #1 has such awful art as well. My god.
Because a genderless AI that only sounds like a female would need D-cup breasts and child bearing hips.

could be neat. Their whole backstory is about the only part of Mass Effect's lore that I found interesting. Hey, I said could be.


I had issues with ME2, but I would be lying to say I wasn't excited for this. March can't come any sooner!


Futuristic sex robots
as party members? I guess that's only making literal what was functionally true in the first two games. They realized this development makes Joker creepy as fuck, right?


Presumably those stasis chambers or they were "hiding" in one of those random Prothean artifacts.

they found some DNA samples or something and brought one back to life
to answer some q's. I mean, this happens in science fiction, right?

LOL, this is so dumb.


Not even so bad it's good :/

Remember how seriously they took the world-building in the first game? lol.
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