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The Ascent coming to PS5, PS4 on March 24


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Great game. Completed it all the way through. Highly recommend people grab it on Ps5.

Was there any word on whether they were going to do expansions?

Ultra Donny

My experience was buggy but fun and atmospheric. Hopefully they sorted out most of the bugs on PS system. It's well worth a play through if you're a person that likes Cyberpunk settings.


Same day Atlanta: Season 3 drops.
Good day.

Loving the cyberpunk dystopian aesthetic, so will definitely try.
Not liking the top-down view as much as I used to these days, but seeing the world’s continuity in the art design, everything looks so impressively consistent.

I’m in.
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Very middle of the road game, mediocre in every sense of the word, hyped by some that were hungry for a game at that time. I’m glad it was on Gamepass, other not worth your time. The majority that enjoyed it probably played it multiplayer.


1st Xbox game in a long time to give me the "missing out" feeling. Was checking how it ran on Steam Deck.



Publisher Curve Games and developer Neon Giant will release cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 24, the companies announced.
Pre-orders are available now and include an exclusive RPEG 33 energy-type Rocket Launcher with a unique laser sight in the console family’s signature blue color.

Criminally overlooked. I don't even like isometric games but this was a gem.

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit
It is a good game, but did they ever fix the Xbox version? I remember a few achievements Being impossible to obtain due to the item or brand not appearing in-game.


Wonder if this will benefit from being ported to PS5 later like The Touryst & The Medium

I would not put The Medium as an example as a version that benefited from coming out later. It is a strange case, and totally subjective to prefer more resolution and slightly better fps but with occasional stutter. To "a mode" where you have RT AO, better RT in reflections, more points of light with shadows and a stutter-free framerate although some drop in fps on rare occasions.

That said, the extra time and consoles being so equal can help refine previous work. For example Oudworld Soulstorm on XSX improved performance compared to PS5 version (beyond the incomprehensible 30fps video CG scenes on Xbox and PC).

The Ascent version of XS has seen different patches with improvements and content since launch and should be analyzed from its current state. For example The Tourist never received a post-launch patch on XSX before the PS5 release, and was also clearly created on the XBO X basis.

That being said, I hope that the PS user will give The Ascent a try regardless of whether it performs the same, slightly better or slightly worse in performance than the XSX version. It is a very good game with a unique visual, artistic and sound section.


I enjoyed this until I reached a part I just could not pass, and my Xbox friends weren’t levelled up enough to be any help.

It has sat unplayed on my drive since. Maybe one day…
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