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the back button layout should be universal on console controllers

recently picked up an oled switch and a pro controller. I don't think I'll ever get used to the back button being in a different place than it is on xbox.

now not only do I constantly hit the wrong button when playing on my switch, I've somehow lost the ability to hit the correct button while using my xbox.

it's not only annoying in games but it's a nightmare when trying to pick out a movie on Netflix

maybe I'm just getting old and my brain is starting to turn to shit. still don't get why they would mix it up on us.
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What time is it?
maybe I'm just getting old and my brain is starting to turn to shit.



All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
lol. This is one of those times when git gud is actually appropriate.
remap controls should be the standard universal be there or be unsaleable thing. I would have chucked the switch and Nintendo along with it had they not let me remap. Bunch of $@$&?!
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I've only ever appreciated it playing MW2019 on PS4. Having crouch/slide and jump on the back buttons was a game changer. Most other games I didn't use them.

Edit: you mean A and B.

Fun fact, SNES and N64 had the same controls as PS and Xbox, they changed it with the 3ds.
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I really agree with OP in making back buttons standard. Your ring and pinky fingers do jack shit while holding a controller, might as well distribute the responsibilities throughout your entire hand.

As someone who heavily relies on using their hands at work for 6-7 hours a day, I really appreciate back buttons mapped to L3 and R3 because clicking in the L and R sticks continually really wears your figures down more than you'd think.
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I'm quite annoyed at having to switch button mapping everytime I swap games on the Switch. Hate that A is B and B i A.
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I use the back button attachment on PS4. For some reason, I'm not comfortable pressing L3 to run on most modern 1st person games and some 3rd person ones like Resident Evil. Besides, I'm afraid that it might break the stick or introduce stick drift on the long run.

Hope they will introduce it for the Dual Sense too.
What OP means is that on the Switch, A is B and B is A compared to Xbox (and Playstation too, but with X and O respectively).


0G M3mbeR
Always takes me a minute to convert my brain over to switches confirm being it’s A button as it’s pretty much the only system doing it now.
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I've never had an issue switching back and forth. I do re-map my controller for most games though so I have to remember my own changes for just about every game.
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