The Bar For Cutscenes Has Once Again Risen, Thanks To Phoenix Games...


Just.... wow.

I love how it's obviously one guy doing all of the voice overs :lol

I wonder what the budget was for this disaster?

Mr Mike

1 million Canadian dollars
Is this the one with the boxart that flagrantly rips off Bedknobs and Broomsticks artwork?

Love the blatant theft of Bambi and Simba, too.


Sidhe / PikPok
Mr Mike said:
Love the blatant theft of Bambi and Simba, too.
If you go through the Phoenix back catalogue, they have ripped off almost every Disney property there is.

The developer of this particular title, Code Monkeys, while having done a range of Disney ripoff titles for Phoenix also seems to have done a legit title for Disney back in the day (
This is amazing.

I don't think I can type out my reaction to these vids.

WTF @ random brick out of nowhere Semba stands on in the first vid.

On one hand I'd like to say it's just a horrible dub but wait! It's not a dub at all. They're just too cheap to animate the animal's mouths closing!

You gotta give a little credit to consumers . . . virtually never see this crap on sales charts.

Although Conspiracy's Winter Sports has been ranking a bit too high lately on Amazon . . . and Midway is destroying their brand name with Game Party.
In one part they actually play the soccer ball bouncing off as dialogue. :lol

"Hey do you want to be a goalie?"
"A goalkeeper? I don't know isn't there a *thump* *thump* thump* thump* no way."

The laugh the panther does!
"They better be! Ah whoo ha HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE"