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The Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack leaked


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I like what I hear. Sounds futuristic and unsettling. It feels like some of Jóhann Jóhannsson's film scores (Arrival, Sicario).

How dare you


Yep, these are just noises to enhance a multiplayer game.

I'm surprised there's a track list tbh.

I'm guessing the OST is just supposed to be ambient in nature. There's nothing wrong with it. Just a bit disappointing for me personally. Especially since the last BF game had songs like this:


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I should have been more specific about it. Generic video game scores.

Hes movie work is awesome

Ah right, phew!

I'm not really familiar with his game stuff, tbh. I think he has an army of assistants and could well imagine that he'd hand over more of the work to them on projects that aren't going to be his main priority. I don't see how they couldn't be heavily involved on everything he does anyway, given how prolific he is.


You know the leaks are dried up when people are posting shit about the soundtrack. :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Did EA DICE's marketing department rage quit or something?
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