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Welcome to the Black Culture Thread. This community is focused on the discussion and experience of daily life for minorities. GAF is a rather large forum, and these unique experiences can get lost in the noise. But while this thread was created to ensure certain topics relevant to the black community could be discussed reasonably, people of all skin color, ethnicities and walks of life are welcome. It's a community thread, so it can be intimidating for newcomers to jump in considering all the in-jokes and general cadence of the thread. If you are unfamiliar with anything, just ask. We are always looking for more decent folks to bring into the family.

Enjoy your stay. Don't track dirt all over the good carpet.

Demi is making this 'cause why not?

It's good to see that as much as things change, some things stay the same.​

First time here? Long time lurker, first time poster?
Tell us who you are by filling out this quick questionnaire:
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What is your age? -
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The acclaimed (sorta?) occasional podcast featuring Moris, Slayven, Angelus, and Dream.


Podcast 27: "Black History Month Finale"
[Angelus, Moris, Slayven & Dream Visions talk about White Cover songs, Beyonce's Formation fallout, Florida's fraud doctor, Dr. Ben Carson and more.
Click to stream | Right-click to download

For your reference:

Slayven = Man born in 1776 who only likes Asian women and comics
Prototype Viktor/spindashing/double jump/Blasian Persuasion/BlackGhost/dskillzhtown = Selling mixtapes on the corner
Gordon = Alien from an ancient TV show. Eats kittens and stole Slayven's king crab crown while we weren't looking.
Shy = The nice guy TM.
Imm0rt4l = Swole
_***** = Died for our sins
Merc_ = _***** returns
DY = Doesn't pay child support.
Young Magus = DY Junior.
Furyous = DY's alt
EloquentM/FeenixRising/jmood88/LionPride/EdibleKnife/Black Republican/ArgyleReptile = Wild crabs. No home training and still out here wearing hoodies.
harSon = Drake
Jandro = Horse/Brony
EscoBlades = Works in a broom closet
JC = Keep him away from your mommas.
Moris = Permanent CPT
Numb = Quit GAF. We miss him.
Ironfist Sect = New guy, thinks he's Numb.
Bronx-Man = Silent L carrier. Has beef with TheKaeptain
TheBlackMarvel = Head of Black Euro GAF
MWS Natural = Writes laws
TheFlow/Kid Kamikaze10/Jacir/Kraftwerk/Face it Tiger../Kiddizzy/UnemployedVillain/Mizerman = Lil Crabs. Found books, a suit, and got a Lil home training
FyreWulff = Your white friend. Got to have him around.
Royalan = Got that good salad hair.
FreeMufasa = acclaimed author of the Niggas in Japan series
ManMadeMan/Parallax/ReiGun = Comic encyclopedias
Crocodile/zeemumu/Secret Fawful/Momotaro/Jackben = Anime encyclopedias
Sou Da = Cartoon encyclopedia
Village/Professor Beef = Sonic encyclopedias
HTown = Mark Henry/Nintendo Encyclopedia. Discovered a connection in racism and quantum locks.
Africanus/Nakazato/Yaphett Kotto/FadedRevolution/Gattsu25/bobbychalkers/MikeBreezy92/shingi70/ApharmdX = Smarty Art Crabs. Think they're leaving the bucket by picking up books, getting married and bettering themselves.
Devo/Satch = Alumni
Angelus = totes mixed with /s
Ishi = A Bear and former BCT Alumni
Rio = expert at getting drunk and strippers
Massive Duck, C.M. = Put in a lot of labor for black issues
Trey = Lost his thread making abilities to Subzero.
Subzero = Artist. Lost his thread making abilities to Malyse/DreamDrop
Malyse = The current Highlander
Kreed = Too much free time
captmcblack/Mrs. Manky/andthebeatgoeson/The Faceless Master/Big Baybee/soundscream = Sits on the corner and kicks knowledge.
akira28 = The guy that kicks knowledge but doesn't look like they should be kicking knowledge
The Adder = Has a lot of stories
Emperor_EL = Apparently rules over Ls. Not sure how I missed this one.
Vince McMahon = Owns the WWE
neojubei/Aiustis = I by Kendrick Lamar
Enzom21/Infinite/excelsiorlef = On the front lines
JeanGrey = Lives with an alien
jWILL253/Dai101/cdyhybrid/Dereck/RedSwirl/Crimson_Gold/hypernima/Bubba T/Afrocious/Kyledk05 = Black Belt Crabs. Have accepted the rules of the bucket.
Storm Chamber = Silky Johnson
MHWilliams/bish = Your local hood police.
XiaNaphryz = Chef that works part time in the hood police
Dreams-Visions = Mr. Steal your girl
Johndoey = Coming for Slay's king crab crown

I want to be black.

Everyone wants to be black. There's nothing more punk rock on Earth than being black. We stroll in, all muscle and sinew and cocoa, fucking the game up like dirty edge connectors. We laugh loud and speak bold and emit "I-just-don't-give-a-fuck" with every movement. We have been scrutinized and analyzed in every conceivable way, and still we are mysterious and exotic right down to the kink of our hair to those - surprising, still numerous - people who haven't been in contact with us before. We've created the rhythm and the blues, the rock and the roll, the hip and the hop. We brought in the noise and the funk. We put the soul in food, and pretty much everything else too. We built your pyramids, and we leap over them with our seemingly impossible collective athleticism, borne of mountains, jungles and plains that many of us still live in all across the world. Everyone wants to be black.

No one wants to be black. There's nothing more terrifying than the knowledge that we exist in every way but individually to everyone - even other black people. We can never be judged by our own merits; we carry the weight of the race's progression with every step into the future like Atlas, and even he shrugged...but we can't, because it's considered weak and selling out if we do. Every bit of slang, every bit of clothing that sits the wrong way, every head nod and hand gesture can and will be taken in the wrong way, a universal "there-goes-the-neighborhood" by everyone that can do so, which basically consists of everyone that doesn't want the social association with black people. That group, naturally, consists of everyone that is able to pass as "non-black". We live in a world where we were kings until we were cattle, and then we were weapons, and then we were like aphids, sprouting up where we weren't wanted, corrupting non-black youth, and the reason for everything from crime to lowered test scores or property value. Nobody wants to be black.

My blackness offends infinitely.
I want to be black.

Also, I'm just not going to address the topic. I'm just going to sit back and watch. I wouldn't say we are universally reviled; it just seems that way sometimes.

Natural's Law

Natural's Law - is a humorous observation made by GAF poster MWS Natural in 2011 which is becoming an Internet adage. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving black people approaches 1. In other words, Natural put forth the hyperbolic observation that, given enough time, in any online discussion regarding any form of conflict someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to discrimination faced by blacks.

Racism is Quantum-Locked

Racism is weird. Everybody knows it totally exists, but when you look at any specific situation, racism is never involved. You can know that it exists, but when you look for it, it turns into something else.

Racism is quantum locked. It doesn't exist when it's being observed. The moment it is seen by any living creature, it freezes into a coincidence.

The Liberal Limit

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about another thing that has been pissing me the fuck off recently. Lately, in the pages of liberal bastions like Atlantic, Slate, and New Republic, there has been this movement gaining steam largely because nobody wants to give it a name. So let me name this mofo: The Liberal Limit. You know it— in fact it’s been the view of many liberals and leftists, but particularly old white liberal men (yeah I said it), that progressiveness has gone too far, so far that even their privilege now feels attacked.

They’re tired of learning new gender pronouns. Tired of hiding that nigger joke book. Tired of having to figure out how to respond to a Rihanna video. Tired of feminists of colour pointing out fissures in whatever wave of feminism we got right now. Tired of black kids on campus whining all the time. Tired of everybody being so angry because without their alliance all you coloured folk would be doomed. Liberal but up to the point where it scrapes on privilege.

But here’s the news. You’re a progressive. You’re supposed to progress. You’re supposed to be more liberal today than you were yesterday. Yes, we’re supposed to passionately debate (not tear down) even the stance of our allies, even those who agree with us 60% of the time. You’re supposed to keep changing your views on race because even the most positive view is inherently flawed and needs work. The whole point to being liberal, to being progressive is to continuously evolve, continuously question, continuously debate, even continuously knock down and build up, sometimes even ripping everything apart to start again. My views on trans people are different in 2014 that they were in 2004. And you can bet your ass it will be even better in 2024 than it is now, because that's what makes me not conservative. The point to being a progressive is to fucking progress.

Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"

After being beaten to the ground by Towering Black Football Player Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman reluctantly pulls the trigger in self-defense. Martin falls back and lets loose a mighty African laugh. "So it begins!" he cries (translated from thug language).

The transponder on his wrist contacts the White House, where Operation Caliphate sits waiting.

"Your majesty," cries an aide (likely homosexual), "Agent Martin, codenamed Fire of Allah, has completed his mission!"

Imam Hussein Obama clasps his hands and smirks, a "jazz cigarette" in his mouth. "And now the honkies will pay."

i dont know any music genre that does this. never Alice in Chains. never Solange Knowles. its always someone with rap music. playing it all loud because they think the whole block wanted to hear it. Class or work early in the morning? sucks for you. newborn baby? too bad. heres more rap music!
I am trying to get paid in Asian women. Shit I would sign up to be a slave again if I could make some red kool-aid using Kristen Kruek's grey water
You guys don't know what it feels like to have your heart betrayed like this. I just got cuckolded by a damn video game conpany. It's like if they announced Crash or Laura Croft for Smash. There's just some lines you don't cross.

You fools let DreamDrop make the thread? SMFH.
See? I didn't mention Disney once. Oh, dammit.

Bubba T

I've been posting in these threads for months but I never did this, so here goes:

Where you're from - Minnesota
Where you live - Minnesota
What is your age? - 29
Your cultural heritage, lineage and genealogy - Nigerian
Do you know your roots - Not as much as I should
Favorite musical genre - Hip-Hop/ R&B
Your profession/major/career interest - Accountant
Your religious affiliation - Christian
Hobbies - Working out, Reading
KFC, Popeye's, Churches, or Bojangles? - Popeye's. Don't have a Churches or Bojangles up here.


I've been posting in these threads for months but I never did this, so here goes:

Where you're from - Minnesota
Where you live - Minnesota
What is your age? - 29
Your cultural heritage, lineage and genealogy - Nigerian
Do you know your roots - Not as much as I should
Favorite musical genre - Hip-Hop/ R&B
Your profession/major/career interest - Accountant
Your religious affiliation - Christian
Hobbies - Working out, Reading
KFC, Popeye's, Churches, or Bojangles? - Popeye's. Don't have a Churches or Bojangles up here.


What's your favorite Disney movie?


I've been posting in these threads for months but I never did this, so here goes:

Same here, so, let me do it too.

Where you're from - Guadalajara, Jalisco. MX

Where you live - Guadalajara

What is your age? - 37

Your cultural heritage, lineage and genealogy - Mexican mestizo, which means i'm a mix of races and ethnicities.

Do you know your roots - Not as much as I wanted to.

Favorite musical genre - I'm partial to rock/metal, EDM lately and a sucker for "grupero music" (late 70's and the like) with a recent and increasing taste for Jazz/Big Band and 40's/50's music. Not so much Hip-Hop tho'

Your profession/major/career interest - Small business owner

Your religious affiliation - Atheist, with sympathies with the devil

Hobbies - Working, reading, mostly technical/articles not so much books and novels, playing old school video games, cars and their repair, electronics in general their wornkings and repair

KFC, Popeye's, Churches, or Bojangles? - Soriana brand chicken. Is cheaper and tastier than KFC which is the only big chain available down here. Church is non-existant with only one store and Popeyes is nothing but a futile dream at 500kms away and 8 years later.

What's your favorite Disney movie? Animated/Hybrid? Los Tres Caballeros

Live Action:

The Rocketeer



You know...I don't think I ever did this either:

Where you're from - Born in Austin TX, raised in Bronx, Upstate NY and Ohio

Where you live - Ohio

What is your age? - 27

Your cultural heritage, lineage and genealogy - African-American

Do you know your roots - Only post slavery. My 23andMe is sitting in a box somewhere in my room.

Favorite musical genre - Videogame music.

Your profession/major/career interest - IT

Your religious affiliation - None I'm an Atheist /Secular Humanist.

Hobbies - Videogames, cosplay, writing, photography, cycling and drinking.

KFC, Popeye's, Churches, or Bojangles? - Only had Popeye's and KFC, I like Popeyes better but fried chicken is a once a year type thing for me.


Nice stuff DD way too start a new thread while remembering the old...
Disney movies wow too many but a personal favorite Nightmare before Christmas


So I just spent my laundry money on's not that I'm broke, I just don't feel like going out to get more cash
Nice stuff DD way too start a new thread while remembering the old...
Disney movies wow too many but a personal favorite Nightmare before Christmas

Aladdin and The Incredibles are my favs.

Drinking nothing, will probably go see Triple 9 in a bit since London Has Fallen turned me off with one line.

"Go back to Fuckheadistan"
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