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Welcome to the Black Culture Thread, where everything from Little Caesars to 'what's hot on the streets' is up for debate. This community is focused on the discussion and experience of daily life for minorities. GAF is a rather large forum, and these unique experiences can get lost in the noise. But while this thread was created to ensure certain topics relevant to the black community could be discussed reasonably, this isn't a "Blacks Only" spot by any means. Any and all are free to hop in, regardless of skin color, ethnicity and walk of life. Consider it open mic: all are welcome to keep it real. It's a community thread, so it can be intimidating for newcomers to jump in considering all the in-jokes and general cadence of the thread. If you are unfamiliar with anything, just ask. We are always looking for more decent folks to bring into the family.

Enjoy your stay. Don't track dirt all over the good carpet.

Previously in BCT...

Seems like everything is norm-

F.Prince slides in and attempts to steal the crown while old crabs busy fighting
Maybe next time you'll succeed​

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The acclaimed (sorta?) occasional podcast featuring Moris, Slayven, Angelus, and Dream.


Episode #43: Power Ranger Pettiness
Angelus, Mike & Moris talk Nikki/Remy beef - Rachel Maddow Tax Story - Fuck Donald Trump - The Oscars - Get Out
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The keeper of the BCT canon has compiled a dramatis personae for new users:
For your reference:

Slayven = Man born in 1776 who only likes Asian women and comics
Prototype Viktor/spindashing/double jump/Blasian Persuasion/BlackGhost/dskillzhtown = Selling mixtapes on the corner
Gordon = Alien from an ancient TV show. Eats kittens and stole Slayven's king crab crown while we weren't looking.
Shy = The nice guy TM.
Imm0rt4l = Swole
_***** = Died for our sins
Merc_ = _***** returns
DY = Doesn't pay child support.
Young Magus = DY Junior.
Furyous = DY's alt
EloquentM/FeenixRising/jmood88/LionPride/EdibleKnife/Black Republican/ArgyleReptile = Wild crabs. No home training and still out here wearing hoodies.
harSon = Drake
Jandro = Horse/Brony
EscoBlades = Works in a broom closet
JC = Keep him away from your mommas.
Moris = Permanent CPT
Numb = Quit GAF. We miss him.
Ironfist Sect = New guy, thinks he's Numb.
Bronx-Man = Silent L carrier. Has beef with TheKaeptain
TheBlackMarvel = Head of Black Euro GAF
MWS Natural = Writes laws
TheFlow/Kid Kamikaze10/Jacir/Kraftwerk/Face it Tiger../Kiddizzy/UnemployedVillain/Mizerman = Lil Crabs. Found books, a suit, and got a Lil home training
FyreWulff = Your white friend. Got to have him around.
Royalan = Got that good salad hair.
FreeMufasa = acclaimed author of the Niggas in Japan series
ManMadeMan/Parallax/ReiGun = Comic encyclopedias
Crocodile/zeemumu/Secret Fawful/Momotaro/Jackben = Anime encyclopedias
Sou Da = Cartoon encyclopedia
Village/Professor Beef = Sonic encyclopedias
HTown = Mark Henry/Nintendo Encyclopedia. Discovered a connection in racism and quantum locks.
Africanus/Nakazato/Yaphett Kotto/FadedRevolution/Gattsu25/bobbychalkers/MikeBreezy92/shingi70/ApharmdX = Smarty Art Crabs. Think they're leaving the bucket by picking up books, getting married and bettering themselves.
Devo/Satch = Alumni
Angelus = totes mixed with /s
Ishi = A Bear and former BCT Alumni
Rio = expert at getting drunk and strippers
Massive Duck, C.M. = Put in a lot of labor for black issues
Trey = Lost his thread making abilities to Subzero.
Subzero = Artist. Lost his thread making abilities to Malyse/DreamDrop
Malyse = The current Highlander
Kreed = Too much free time
captmcblack/Mrs. Manky/andthebeatgoeson/The Faceless Master/Big Baybee/soundscream = Sits on the corner and kicks knowledge.
akira28 = The guy that kicks knowledge but doesn't look like they should be kicking knowledge
The Adder = Has a lot of stories
Emperor_EL = Apparently rules over Ls. Not sure how I missed this one.
Vince McMahon = Owns the WWE
neojubei/Aiustis = I by Kendrick Lamar
Enzom21/Infinite/excelsiorlef = On the front lines
JeanGrey = Lives with an alien
jWILL253/Dai101/cdyhybrid/Dereck/RedSwirl/Crimson_Gold/hypernima/Bubba T/Afrocious/Kyledk05 = Black Belt Crabs. Have accepted the rules of the bucket.
Storm Chamber = Silky Johnson
MHWilliams/bish = Your local hood police.
XiaNaphryz = Chef that works part time in the hood police
Dreams-Visions = Mr. Steal your girl
Johndoey = Coming for Slay's king crab crown

Natural's Law
Natural's Law - is a humorous observation made by GAF poster MWS Natural in 2011 which is becoming an Internet adage. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving black people approaches 1. In other words, Natural put forth the hyperbolic observation that, given enough time, in any online discussion regarding any form of conflict someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to discrimination faced by blacks.
Racism is Quantum-Locked
Racism is weird. Everybody knows it totally exists, but when you look at any specific situation, racism is never involved. You can know that it exists, but when you look for it, it turns into something else.

Racism is quantum locked. It doesn't exist when it's being observed. The moment it is seen by any living creature, it freezes into a coincidence.
The Liberal Limit
And while we’re at it, let’s talk about another thing that has been pissing me the fuck off recently. Lately, in the pages of liberal bastions like Atlantic, Slate, and New Republic, there has been this movement gaining steam largely because nobody wants to give it a name. So let me name this mofo: The Liberal Limit. You know it— in fact it’s been the view of many liberals and leftists, but particularly old white liberal men (yeah I said it), that progressiveness has gone too far, so far that even their privilege now feels attacked.

They’re tired of learning new gender pronouns. Tired of hiding that nigger joke book. Tired of having to figure out how to respond to a Rihanna video. Tired of feminists of colour pointing out fissures in whatever wave of feminism we got right now. Tired of black kids on campus whining all the time. Tired of everybody being so angry because without their alliance all you coloured folk would be doomed. Liberal but up to the point where it scrapes on privilege.

But here’s the news. You’re a progressive. You’re supposed to progress. You’re supposed to be more liberal today than you were yesterday. Yes, we’re supposed to passionately debate (not tear down) even the stance of our allies, even those who agree with us 60% of the time. You’re supposed to keep changing your views on race because even the most positive view is inherently flawed and needs work. The whole point to being liberal, to being progressive is to continuously evolve, continuously question, continuously debate, even continuously knock down and build up, sometimes even ripping everything apart to start again. My views on trans people are different in 2014 that they were in 2004. And you can bet your ass it will be even better in 2024 than it is now, because that's what makes me not conservative. The point to being a progressive is to fucking progress.
"White" was basically a concept made up by the bourgeois centuries ago to prevent indentured and poor whites and enslaved blacks from realizing they were on the same side economically and socially and revolting together. It characterized the ruling class as a sort of standard that lower-class whites could live up to- gave them a taste of power- and thus racial divisions occurred.

Once you understand this, every racial issue in America logically follows: You understand why different European groups like the Irish and Italians were forced to leave behind the depths of their cultures for the security of being considered "white." You understand why Asians even tried at all to legally argue in court that they too should be considered "white." As a result of this attempt at assimilating all of these different cultures and peoples down into this one thing called "whiteness" or "white culture," you understand why even most white people can't actually tell you what "white culture" is, a peculiar problem not faced by ethnic minorities like black people, Latino groups, Asians, and natives.

You understand why white people will, on average, see other poor whites (like those unfortunate coal miners) as undeserving victims of an unfair system while poor blacks are just lazy welfare queens and poor Latinos are all illegals who are undermining proper work standards and diluting the gene pool. You understand why the nearly free land and money grants given to white people by the government throughout this country's history are not considered welfare, while welfare initiatives that work to include minorities too are indicative of "handouts" and "entitlements" that they don't deserve. You understand why white people love the ACA but hate Obamacare. You understand why white people overwhelmingly voted for Trump while most other ethnic minorities- even those who face the exact same kind of economic dead ends that poor white people do- voted the other way regardless.

And finally, you understand why people who look white regardless of them actually being of Iranian descent like JonTron will basically throw themselves on the spear and turn their backs on who they really are to defend whiteness. Because ultimately, "white" means power, and the long and short of it is people don't want to give up their power.

I am trying to get paid in Asian women. Shit I would sign up to be a slave again if I could make some red kool-aid using Kristen Kruek's grey water
I would lick a gaffer's bathtub clean just to smell one of her burps
You guys don't know what it feels like to have your heart betrayed like this. I just got cuckolded by a damn video game conpany. It's like if they announced Crash or Laura Croft for Smash. There's just some lines you don't cross.
My mom trying to see DMX, im trying my hardest to talk her out of this fuckery.

Talkin about "I wanna hear him bark...." NO MOM!
My mom is still on this DMX thing man, no we not going damn!!
"Mom, Janet Jackson is going to be here on the 10th, we can go see that."

"I don't care about no Janet!!! She old!!!"



Moms ain't trying to watch Janet Jackson slinky tail waggle all over the stage. She wants to see a real man, who lives as a dog, barking and growling and rough riding.
Why you always keeping X and your mom apart like this?
If I have kids I hope they never hide DMX from me.

I need to know how these people lived into adulthood.

Putting superglue in your mouth on a damn tooth?
Jesus Christ and I thought my threads were bad....
You should keep thinking that, tbh.
Damn i thought Canadians were nice. Corner Gas and The littlest hobo lied to me

Energy to talk shit but no strength to back it

Thanks to soul sista Sch1sm for all the help

See you space cowboy


What's up, y'all?

Breath of the Wild is so good y'all. I have no idea when I'm actually going to beat it because I just like messing around and exploring in the game world so much.

I haven't even touched the west side of the map yet
What's up, y'all?

Breath of the Wild is so good y'all. I have no idea when I'm actually going to beat it because I just like messing around and exploring in the game world so much.

I haven't even touched the west side of the map yet
Was done with all the big dungeons except 1 for about a week now
Feels like i might stop if i do it
Maximum haram is right. Smh. May this thread be blessed by God.
Peace finally
What's up, y'all?

Breath of the Wild is so good y'all. I have no idea when I'm actually going to beat it because I just like messing around and exploring in the game world so much.

I haven't even touched the west side of the map yet
I've been so obsessed with Nier, been slowly weaning off of it so that I can fully dive back into Zelda. Game is indeed amazing though.


Ya know, I wish Persona 5 was portable. A 100+ hour turn-based game sounds like a bop and a half, even if I do enjoy long ass games.
What's up, y'all?

Breath of the Wild is so good y'all. I have no idea when I'm actually going to beat it because I just like messing around and exploring in the game world so much.

I haven't even touched the west side of the map yet
I been playing it every day for a month and still ain't beat it.

Anyway what's good what's good. Tried to sneak the crown but y'all old fools ain't having it.
It's funny you always say that, and then list an album you most definitely listened to to deflect. Stop projecting your suspect taste, Feenix.
I never listened to it besides that trash Tipsy song that was on the radio.

Don't try to reverse your suspect taste back on me Schizz.

Also quit denying that More Life is a top 5 album even though I have to google half of T-Dot's slang.
I never listened to it besides that trash Tipsy song that was on the radio.

Don't try to reverse your suspect taste back on me Schizz.

Also quit denying that More Life is a top 5 album even though I have to google half of T-Dot's slang.
You already know more about it than I do, I never even heard of the guy, and you know a hit radio-tier single?!

More Life is like. Top 500 of the 2000s.

When we getting the big BCT reboot
After your next ban.
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