The Black Culture Thread |OT19| - You Still Can't Say Tanned

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pineapple on meat in moderation can be good. a nice pineapple mango chutney on top of broiled pork loin?

but if you can't cook and just puttin pineapple out the can on shit, plz stop.

mr jones

Ethnicity is not a race!
Depends on the video game in question. I don't think there's a significant amount I can talk in depth about, outside puzzlers/strategy, horror, and fighting. Beyond that, I'm pretty much useless for "in depth" conversation. I enjoy it, though. Especially for puzzlers.
Have you ever played Magical Drop?
Who are all you people hating on pineapples?!

Who the hell puts pineapple in tomato sauce and smoothers it with cheese? That's why it doesn't belong on pizza. Everything else is a case by case basis.

Pineapple is fantastic on anything in skilled hands. Exercise those dead palates!
You I can have some conversations with
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