The contest returns! Dragon Quest XI contest: win a free copy courtesy of me!

I made a contest once for DQVII:

Now it’s back for DQ11. The purpose is to get a non-DQ fan into DQ by offering them an opportunity to give it a chance and hopefully create a new DQ fan in the process!

Original thread here:

Results here:


Rule 1. You can't be a DQ fan. The goal of this contest is to share the love of DQ. The best way to achieve this is to make a new fan. I am so passionate about the franchise that I am surely convinced that Dragon Quest XI will make you a fan. The goal here is make a new DQ fan for a new generation who will support future DQ titles. Maybe you'll not like it? It's possible. Maybe you'll think it's just ok? Or great? I'm willing to risk and gamble the hope that you come away from the experience thirsty for more slime killing. Personally, I think this would be best on either someone who maybe hasn't played a DQ and doesn't have the hardware and is maybe interested or maybe someone who tried DQ in the past, didn't get it, and gave up. I'm hoping this game wins you over. If you're a DQ fan or you were going to get DQ11 anyways or you were interested but not at that price point or whatever, you're disqualified. Post your history with the series.

Rule 2. You can't put this on Gaf Buy Sell Trade threads without giving it a proper chance. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to bend over backwards to let some person take advantage of my kindness (stupidity).

Rule 3. You have to update your progress in the DQ11 thread. Again, obvious reasons and all that. Don't waste my money here. Play the game and see what you get out of it. If you don't like it, that's fine, but I at least would expect minimum effort into finding what the game has to offer.

Rule 4. People who are down for The Contest have to put down their history with DQ: have you played one? Why or why not? Why didn't you like it what you played if you played one?

Rule 5. Those who enter the contest will be given a number in my word processor. So if you're in, and you're the first person to say they're in, you're number one. The day DQ11 releases I will draw the winner from a random number generator picker. Send me your address and I'll send your copy of DQ7 (and the 3ds if necessary) immediately!
I probably won't be getting this after all, but I offer this prestigious bump to help your cause. I wager you will be needing people who are on the fence when it comes to paying money for the any of the series and are non-fans. Good luck. Many around here enjoy the series, but I am certain you'll find someone. I only own DQ8 on PS2, but I am certainly a fan after that.

I think this is a great way to create a new fan. I just want someone honest to come forward and
I’d enter since I never played DQ but was always sort of interested(mainly because of the art) but I do not own a PS4 or even a Switch currently.
Not directly a DQ fan but I have played all of them. Just wanted to say mad props to the OP this is a great idea and hopefully brings more exposure to the series.

#foreverFF (and all that stupid pound whatever stuff)
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I'll give it a go.

I played only the first dragon quest (warrior). I got it back when it was a free bonus for subscribing to nintendo power magazine. I haven't played any since; I tried out VIII for a bit on the ps2 but didn't like it at all. I played a bit of dragon quest builders too.

XI has me intrigued but still cautious. It does look nice though.

FWIW wouldn't sell it; I'd actually prefer the steam version. ;-)
I played DQVII very briefly on PS1 and hated it. Played DQVIII on PS2 at launch and loved it. Wouldn't call myself a fan of the series at this point though, but I'm open.
I'll jump in!

I've never played a Dragon Quest game, mainly down to a bit of a weird thing where I like to play a game series in order.. and as there are so many to catch up on, and for so many different systems.. it all seemed like too much work... but in this case I'd be down to ignore that and jump straight in.

RPG's I HAVE played are Final Fantasy 1-6, Eternal Sonata, Legend of Heroes (Moonlight Witch), Popolocrois, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 1-3, and I've started but not yet completed... FFVII, Tales of Phantasia, and Cross Edge! Those are the ones I can name off the top of my head at least

thanks for doing the contest, it's a nice (and generous) offer!
I shall give it a try then. I once tried Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2 for an hour or 3 when that came out (2004-ish if Wikipedia is to be believed), but never looked at the series since or know much about it. I honestly don't quite remember what it was that turned me off though, it's been a while.
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Hey Cindi great to see you back on GAF. Huge DQ fan so I won't be entering but I thought it was super awesome when you did this a few years back, great to see you doing it again!
I think DQXI looks like a fine entry point for newcomers. I hope whoever wins will enjoy it and become a fan of this series.

Oh and most importantly congrats to the OP for doing this. :)
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This is nice of you. I'll galdly enter.

My only experience with DQ was a week worth of playing 8 when I borrowed it from a friend back in Highschool.

I was a big JRPG fan growing up but for some reason DQ never got my attention. When I compared it to FF they just looked so unoriginal.
Specially after VII, FF always had these unique, different looking and interesting worlds while DQ seemed to be stuck in the "generic fantasy world with knights and castles" thematic. The fact the art direction in all of them looked identical didnt help. (I like Toriyama as much as the next guy, and he did the art direction for Chrono Trigger which is my favourite JRPG..... But the guy has like 5 character designs and everything he does is slight alterations of them)

What I played of 8 was rather fun (loved the overworld theme) although I didn't feel very invested in the world or characters. I remember reaching some point where I got stuck and ended up returning it to me friend and playing something else.

With that said, I'm interested in giving the new one a chance. My taste has changed a lot since the time I played DQ8, and the genre itself has changed quite a bit since then to the point I'm looking forward to play a more traditional turn based JRPG
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DQVIII needs a proper console remaster so everyone who didn't got to play it the first time (or for some reason never finished it) gets to experience it and/or give it a second chance because i honestly think it's one of the greatest JRPGs ever made. That game oozed charm with one of the best cast of characters in the series (although V was also amazing in that aspect) ,a beautiful open world that begged to be explored and of course the best soundtrack in the series (especially the orchestrated version).
I think DQXI looks like it expands and improves all the strengths of DQVIII (except for the orchestrated soundtrack sadly) so i really can't wait to dive into its world and immerse myself in its story and setting.
I'm game. I played a DQ on NES maybe 30 years ago and I think I played one briefly on SNES. Don't recall playing any since and barely remember what I have played. I swore off most JRPG games long ago same goes for sports and racing games. I love the RPG genre, but despise random encounters when traversing a map. Not a fan of anime art style although I can ignore it if the game is fun. Most JRPGs I've tried bore me. I disliked FF X, enjoyed Lost Odyssey enough to play most of it, but didn't like Blue Dragon. Aside from Souls/Bourne games, I've avoided JPRGs since. I've had a slight interest in Persona 5 and Monster Hunter at the right price, but no time to get to either at the moment.
I've never played a main line dragon quest, but i love the art style since it reminds me of DBZ. I have played dragon quest builders on the vita for ~3-4 hours. I do like JRPS, ive played some final fantasy and persona games. Would like to try DQ11
I'll enter.
I've played games for 30+ years and never gotten around to a single DQ. I've loved most of SE's RPG series, but always gone with the FF series mostly. FFXIV had a DQ event with slime hats & a stone golem minion, and it reminded me again that I should try one, but still never got to around to it.
I will not enter since I love the series almost as much as FF but I also heard that XI is one of the best dragon Quest game ina long time. So I hope the one who wins will have a great time^^
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Dragon quest 8 is my personal ps2 favourite rpg. Great initiative, op. Sharing the love.
Don't consider this an entry, just an up for visibility.


Fresh single BANGS in your area, or in my browser.
I'll enter if I even qualify. I got halfway through DQ8 on PS2 and eventually lost interest due to all the random battles while trying to explore, it was a big turn off in a game with so much to explore. I also played 9 I think it was on DS(with the custom characters) and kinda liked it but I felt like I was just going through the motions and it didn't hold my interest too long. I did actually beat it using cheats to just power through the game though, but I wasn't really having a good time...

So basically I'm not a DQ fan, but not a hater either and would like to give the series another chance. Again not sure if I qualify but either way good on you OP for doing this, you're a hero!
I gave up on the series a long time ago. My wife is interested in it so I am willing to give the series another chance. If that is good enough I would like to enter.
I'd enter but I doubt you'll ship to Europe, haha. Anyway, played only dragon quest heroes far and while I gotta say I like the cartoonish art style alot, the game mechanic seemed.. Boring. It had some cool ideas but it felt like a way to long grind fest. I heard the main installments are supposed to be better, but after (maybe unfortunately) getting heroes first, my interest in spending Cash on another DQ game is quit low.
I'd enter but I doubt you'll ship to Europe, haha. Anyway, played only dragon quest heroes far and while I gotta say I like the cartoonish art style alot, the game mechanic seemed.. Boring. It had some cool ideas but it felt like a way to long grind fest. I heard the main installments are supposed to be better, but after (maybe unfortunately) getting heroes first, my interest in spending Cash on another DQ game is quit low.
DQ Heroes is to dragon quest what Hyrule Warriors is to Zelda.