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The Crew 2: Year 5 Announcement


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Crew 2 is getting new content for its 5th year!

Take some time to discover what Ubisoft Ivory Tower has planned for the coming months: new Motorflix seasons, new features, and even more vehicles to add to your collection.
Year 5 will also bring plenty of improvements to the player experience, starting with the much requested 60 FPS update for next gen consoles.

Stay tuned to discover more details about the future of The Crew 2!


It really pissed me off that they got rid of the 'fog of war' from the first game, I loved seeing which bits I hadnt explored. The 2nd just felt a bit pointless, you didnt even need to drive anywhere 🩲


Second game is trash compared to the first. I wonder if Ivory Tower is ever gonna make a proper sequel.
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