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The Cycle - Gameplay Trailer.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Three Prospectors meet in the calm before the storm.

The Cycle is a Competitive Quest Shooter, developed and published by YAGER Development. You take on the role of a Prospector. On Fortuna III you compete or collaborate with other Prospectors to claim as many resources as possible. But beware, the planet is full of hostile wildlife, trusting a prospector is a risky affair and then there's The Cycle itself, a planetary metamorphosis which, if you don’t make it to the evac ship in time, will absolutely ensure the end of you.

But hey, you could get rich! The Cycle is currently in the alpha phase. Sign-up on the official website to apply for access to the next Alpha Test (28-31 Mar) and the upcoming Closed Beta, or visit the game page on the Epic Games Store.


What I learnt from Gamescom - Germany pumps out a lot of derivative shit that nobody else really wants - game looks ok I suppose. They still making the strategy games I played on the Amiga back in 1993 but with better graphics. Nothing else has changed.
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