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Opinion Trailer The Devils' Lair - Destiny VS Destiny 2 Comparison


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Destiny 1's first strike, The Devils' Lair, has been added to Destiny 2 and we compare it to the original to see if there are any notable differences. Destiny 1 is running on PS4 Pro and Destiny 2 is running on PS5.

The old is new again, as Bungie just introduced Destiny 1’s first strike, The Devil’s Lair, into Destiny 2. But what kinds of differences can you expect in terms of improvements?

In a new video, we take a look at the strike in its original form in Destiny 1 and compare it to how it looks in Destiny 2. As you’ll see, there are some differences you may want to be aware of. Check out the full video to get a closer look at the new version of The Devil’s Lair and soak in the nostalgia of seeing the original Destiny strike inside Bungie’s sequel.