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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind |OT| Why walk when you can ride?


That Grim Harlequin armor motif in the crown store is pretty sick, good thing I have some crowns saved up from ESO+

Love it!

Seraphis Cain

bad gameplay lol
I'm itching to play this again, but then I remember the install size.

That's why I'm pretty much resigned to this game taking up ~100GB on my PS4 for the rest of eternity. Even if I go months and months without touching it, deleting it means that I'm never going to play it again, because fuuuuck re-downloading all of that.

Also, I hadn't played the game in ages before today, so I was pleasantly surprised to log on and realize I still had 2000 crowns left over from the last crown pack I bought, so wooo Clockwork City here I come! :D
A game OT without any ingame pictures? Disappointing.

Yes, I know there are movies linked from the OP. Still, was expecting/hoping to find ingame pictures.
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