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The encounter design in The Last of Us Part 1 kind of sucks, and pales in comparison to its sequel

I don't give a shit if there are some 'forced combat' sections in muh linear story game. The option to do muh stealth encounters from start to finish in Pt. 2 sure as fuck didn't keep the story from endlessly dragging on.

I didn't have shit for 'agency' when the game was like PRESS SQUARE TO SNAP THE PUPPERS NECK or whatever. Like, bro, I'm a god damn dog whisperer, I'll give any dog, no matter how much Michael Vick training it got the ol' "SIT! Gooooood boooy whoosagooodpupper. YOU ARE. THAT'S RIGHT!!! *scratchies*", you don't even know.

Besides, the craft and stealthyfight gameplay felt more fresh in the original even if they added features to the sequel. Hell, I had more fun playing the intersectional lesbian adventure DLC for the first time with the 60fps PS4 rerelease than I did with part 2's also intersectional lesbian (don't you dare skip the holocaust lecture open world section) trans and strong woman adventure.


Calm down? I am not sure what part of my post you are referring too. If anything I am sitting here laughing at you and your asinine comparisons. Which circus did you come from? Cause it's sure is a funny one. 🤡

You are seething for no reason my dude. Imagine getting this heated talking about video games.

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You are seething for no reason my dude. Imagine getting this heated talking about video games.
I am not seething though goofball. How am I seething if I am laughing at a circus show my guy? You really can't read the room that well do you? I simply made a statement how your comparsion is flawed and makes no sense. So this means I am seething? Lol. If you can't take the L and admit what you said doesn't make sense is not my fault and doesn't mean I am seething. Stop living in denial lol.

Instead of telling me I am seething why don't you just make up a good arguement instead? Or give some interesting discussion points? Telling someone right away they are seething usually makes you instantly lose the arguement because you can't defend it.

Do both MGSV and TLOU 2 have stealth elements? Yeah sure, but that's about the only similarities they have. But one focuses on stealth mechanics and open world spaces far more than other. You are trying to make the arguement that they are the same thing, when by intended design they are not. Many games share similar aspects - 90% of the games out there have some sort of shooting mechanics, does this mean every game is the same now? Absolutely not.

I don't know how its hard to understand this lol.
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Mafia 1 is a good remake to show the devs shouldn't be afraid to interfere with the advanced mechanics, encounters and level design. Even if it's not all perfect in the end you can at least see they tried something when remaking the game.
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