The Fall - Sci-fi Adventure - Sony advertises it coming to Xbox One this Spring.

The Fall – Coming Soon | PS4

Game looks interesting, but the description is what caught my eye.

'Critically revered, this sci-fi epic adventure delivers provocative action and a narrative that has you constantly challenging protocols. Will you conform? The Fall descends onto Xbox One this Spring.'


EDIT: They didn't advertise it as on Xbox One in the actual video, but in the Youtube description.

Winner of Best Story in the Giant Bomb GOTY 2014 deliberations. Nobody but Vinny played it, but he made a decent case.

edit: I see, that's already mentioned right at the start of the video :p
Got this on the PSN sale for like $4 and it's very good so far. I usually get bored with video game stories but this is quick and interesting. I don't have a huge amount of patience to figure out what to do next though but thankfully there's an awesome walkthrough here courtesy of steam communities. I really hate youtube walkthroughs so thankfully this is text and pictures.
Their intentions are peaceful.
*golf clap