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The Final Hours of Titanfall Out Now - Titanfall Almost Never Happened


Jul 8, 2011
Titusville, Florida
I've been reading this on my Nexus 7 and I've been wondering, are the sidebar photos meant to be opened/viewable full screen? When I tap them nothing happens but the videos all open. Some of the text under the pictures makes it sound like some of the image is cropped unless you were to view it full size & others are just to small to see the intended detail, it almost seems broken. That along with ahow the app loads and lack of portrait mode definitely make this version a worse experience than I had reading the portal final hours (read that on an iPad). Content wise I feel like this is being somewhat over dramatized where the portal one felt like a nice behind the scenes documentary
Sep 2, 2011
What I'm getting from all this is that Titanfall was rushed, did pretty well considering the circumstances and its sequel pretty much is guaranteed to be both multiplatform and have single player

If you genuinely believe that a well-researched, incredibly detailed, 25,000-word longform piece about the development of one of the year's biggest games isn't worth $1.99, congratulations, you're the reason we don't get more work like this.
Personally I'm not interested enough to link a credit card to my Google account.

If I could buy the .apk direct via PayPal or even Amazon payments I would.


venison crêpe
May 14, 2006
That poster was more than likely a bot, at the very least a guy out to advertise dubious websites, judging by his initial posts. Should be all tidied up now.