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The final launch character for Guilty Gear -Strive- is...

Thanks kunonabi kunonabi for the heads-up!

Can't wait to see the trailer. Should be coming soon.

I-No (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)

A hard rock witch with a wild offense using her hover dash.

Her tendency to approach someone as if talking to an old friend can make I-No seem personable at first glance.

She doesn’t shy away from using her feminine charms to deceive men, despite not actually having it in her to work together with anyone. She sees all others as lesser beings worthy of ridicule, even “That Man.”

When faced with something or someone she finds irritating or alarming, she reveals her violent temper.

Art and screenshots via Gematsu:





Be sure to click the screenshots to view full size.

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At times I wish Gamespot got some actual consequences for all the stuff they leak. It isn't rocket science not to publish stuff before a given time.
It’s great to see I-No back. Admittedly, I like her old outfit better because I feel it’s more imaginative and stylish, but she still looks cool though. Guilty Gear Strive making it even harder for me to choose a second main now.
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