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The final votes in New Hampshire are now cast with 100% in: Full results chart inside.

Afro Republican

Aug 24, 2016
Final Totals:

100% reporting
CandidateTotal Votes% VotesDel.

Bernie Sanders
Pete Buttigieg72,45724.4%9
Amy Klobuchar58,79619.8%6
Elizabeth Warren27,3879.2%0
Joe Biden24,9218.4%0
Tom Steyer10,7273.6%0
Tulsi Gabbard9,6553.3%0
Andrew Yang8,3152.8%0
Total Write-ins4,4491.5%0
Deval Patrick1,2660.4%0
Michael Bennet9630.3%0
Cory Booker1550.1%0
Joe Sestak1430.0%0
Kamala Harris1040.0%0
Marianne Williamson950.0%0
Steve Burke850.0%0
John Delaney820.0%0
Julian Castro810.0%0
Robby Wells810.0%0
Tom Koos700.0%0
Michael Ellinger650.0%0
Steve Bullock630.0%0
Henry Hewes540.0%0
David Thistle530.0%0
Sam Sloan330.0%0
Mosie Boyd320.0%0
Ben Gleiberman310.0%0
Thomas Torgesen300.0%0
Mark Greenstein290.0%0
Rita Krichevsky230.0%0
Lorenz Kraus210.0%0
Roque De La Fuente III120.0%0
Jason Dunlap110.0%0
Raymond Moroz90.0%0

Some Key takeaways that I've noticed from the chart.

1. Out of over 250k+ voters, having nearly 5,000 write-ins this late in the game is a problem for the DNC.

2. The results show the party is still split with die hard not gravitating towards a select few. Even Biden who abandoned New Hampshire still did over 20k at 5th place, and while Deval has a bad showing he still got over 1,000 voters. This is a low voting population state so all of this is bad news.

3. Amy Klobuchars off-screen accomplishments have finally paid off with a good 3rd place finish.

4. Bernie has lost a lot of steam from 2016 which means that despite the claims for enthusiasm and crows sizes, this is the second primary that confirms that Democrat turn out is not as high as 2016 for the DNC. This is in spite of the media, politicians, and entertainers making it seem like Hitler is up for reelection and will kill anyone in his way like a mob boss, or Hillary. ;)

5. Tom Steyers ad brought poll numbers have yet to translate to votes, though he still earned over 10k which shows how split the party is. You would have expected him to do better though so this may possibly be a sign the same thing may happen to Bloomberg, who's polling well but that may also not translate to actual votes.

6. Tulsi is still in the race, seems she's going to bet it all on Nevada, but it's important to note that despite her campaigning less and with less money, than Yang, Deval, and Steyer, she managed to beat the former two, and come within spitting distance of Steyer. This means she has a locked dedicated base. But I am not sure she can expand it in Nevada.

7. Warren needed to at least do modest numbers if she didn't place high, this has hurt the amount of cash she has and she is now pulling ads from NV and SC despite the fact she'll have to do well there. See seems to want to reinvest her campaign resources into Super Tuesday but it's looking like she may not be able to make it there without some sort of fundraising boost from somewhere. Doing average in NV or SC could get her that small cash infusion but as of right now that's not looking likely. She hasn't been able to recover from the medicare for all crash and tax raising crash that in the last rounds for the nomination Bernie will also have to answer for, making it really unlikely for him to be the nominee since it wouldn't make much sense for him not to Crash and Warren does despite running on 80% of the same issues.

8. Joe Biden is still a safe bet, did 20K despite abandoning the the state and has been strengthening his hold in NV and SC which he's been working on way ahead of time. I don't think there's much that can prevent him from winning NV, it's how much he's ahead people will look at. In SC this is especially true as people have written the state off as Biden landslide for months, so while a win show viability it would raise heads if he's not more than 5% in front of second place. Steyer and Bloomberg have increased their positions there via their infinite piles of money, but whether that can translate to votes is yet to be seen, and so far with Steyer the answer has been no, for him we'll find out for sure with NV, and for Bloomberg SC.

7. Andrew Yang was interesting, within the first 35% of the vote in he was actually spitting distance from Biden who had a very bad and slow start, if he had known that I doubt he would have dropped out as fast as he did, but when Biden expanded the lead I question whether if he still would have dropped out or not. That moment of vulnerability may have caused Yang to try one more time in NV. Still, he wasn't a serious candidate and his whole policy platform was giving out free money while raising taxes like crazy which still wouldn't have paid for the free money, while still supporting government medical care and free college, while also wanting to support loan forgiveness, and still keeping most of the current social programs. Any other policy where copied or modified from others. Basically he wanted to bankrupt the country but he wasn't lying or evading the truth like Bernie and others were, he just basically told you he wanted to destroy the economy.