The Frame Rate of Fallout 4 in Interiors is horrible [PS4]

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Dec 24, 2014
So I got Fallout 4 yesterday and played like 5-6 hours of it already.

Game has massive problems holding the 30fps when inside buildings, cages or whatever you have a load time when you get in.

Here is a short video I recorded. (No Spoilers)

This get's way worse when people shoot at you or throw molotow cocktails.
I am no technical expert, but I think this game might be locking itself like The Witcher 3 did. Firefights in buildings feel exactly like fights in The Witcher 3 in the swamp when it's raining.
In the open world the game has hiccups too, but not as bad as in buildings.

This just isn't fun, when you can't even aim properly because of the frame rate :(

Sorry, Day One, or Patch 1.01 is installed.

I want to add, that in firefights in buildings it affected my aiming and character movement. You may not see it perfectly fine in this video, which has also no firefight in it, but I could definitely feel it. Also, the part where I want to go through the hole in the wall, I couldn't move my character properly.

here's a video, i've recorder earlier today.

i just uploaded it, so youtube is still converting it, i think.

the framerate war fine until i used the scope, then it dropped significantly, making it hard to get a good shot.

new link of the scope video


I did a walkthrough in the same building without any fights.

You can see the fps go low when I am turning left or right, and sometimes when sprinting. FPS get's really bad at the end.
So I made a video of the loading times in->out and out->in

Last video for today.

Fast traveling can take up to one minute.
Could you add chubigans video to the OP?

Its an hour of PS4 footage if I'm not mistaken.


Made a thread in bethesda forum asking if this would be patched got instadeleted and i am permabanned xD


Mar 10, 2005
Yyyyyyup. Glad I canceled my preorder. Got screwed with Fallout 3 and Skyrim on PS3, you ain't going to fool me again. Will wait and see if they actually fix their shit by the time the GOTY rolls around.
Mar 25, 2014
Venice, Italy
Point is, i can forgive TW3 for having these problems because it's really huge and actually has no loading times for interiors.

But this one? That barely looks like a current gen game? It's really ridiculous how behind Bethesda is regarding tech.
May 1, 2012
I survived blight town and borderslands. I can survive any frame rate on the PS4.

This is nothing compared to what we put up with last gen. I'm gonna be thankful and be happy it's running that well.
May 17, 2012
Figured this would run the worst on PS4. I just had a hunch.

So if this runs better on XB1 can we finally start to talk about MS marketing deal shenanigans because this would make it 100%. The other games that ran better on XB1 all had marketing deals but anytime anyone brings it up they get a tinfoilhat.gif thrown in their face.
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