The GAF POP |OT| of Diversity, Hidden Talent, and Stan Wars

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Hahahaha people aren't buying tix because of her latest FLOP.
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and you don't need a job when you have a daddy taking care of your every need, dearheart. ;)
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After all the bitter tea being served this last page, I think we need a palette cleanser.

First, some words of wisdom from Goddess Shirley Manson on the state of women in the music industry these days:

Garbage's frontwoman Shirley Manson has said that women are still being disempowered in the music industry.

Manson said although she feels a generation of women in the '90s managed to "bust through" the glass ceiling, she feels that things have taken a step back in recent years.

"I'm delighted to see women in any genre doing well, the biggest stars de
jour are female pop stars. I love that, but for me personally I've always loved the girls who are in disagreement with mainstream", she said, adding:

"There's a lot of girls now who are disempowered, they're not being giving a lot of chances. They are worked really hard, they are wrung dry on tour, then given new songs, which are written by man to start the process all over again. But in economic terms it doesn’t work out like that. They’re street walking for the pimp daddy at home. This is what I have a problem with, the lack of female opinion out there."

Speaking of how she saw the music industry in the '90s, Manson added: "Our generation felt like we had busted through a glass ceiling. All of a sudden we were on the radio, selling records but not having the play the submissive role of a woman. Now I feel like things have returned to the way they were before we started."

Garbage, who played a comeback gig at London's Troxy last night, release their new album 'Not Your Kind Of People', their first since 2005's 'Bleed Like Me', on their own imprint Stunvolume on May 14. Recorded in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, it's the group's first album not to be recorded in Madison, Wisconsin, the city where they formed in 1994.
Source (Ok, yes, I did see this on ONTD)


Speaking of fierce female singer-songwriters from the 90s, and seemingly as an apology from Canada itself for unleashing the monstrosity known as Nelly Furtado and her "Big Hoops" on the world's collective ears, we've been graced with some new music from Canada's good stock: Empress Alanis Morrissette!


Flawless tbh...
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