The Game Award GOTY Nominees

Well, since Yakuza 0, Nier and Nioh aren't on that list, I guess I'm gonna vote for Persona, whilst being fully conscious about the fact that either Zelda or Mario takes the award.

Also lmao at PUBG, great fun no question about it, but it's too unpolished and unfinished to even consider it as a GOTY, in my opinion of course.
Out of the five i'd hope for Persona. Nintendo's approach to open worlds hasn't really clicked with me outside of X and I just dont get the hype for battlegrounds. Horizon as goty would be a joke.
In my very humble, modest, personal and ignorant opinion, only Persona 5 and Horizon are worth of the title. And I'm a huge "old school" Nintendo Fan, not kidding.
It'd have to be BotW. Nothing else this year came close - BotW was just an unbelievably captivating adventure for me.

I'm surprised Persona 5 made the list over NieR Automata, Nioh or (maybe) Resident Evil 7. It is a fan favourite, so I guess that's why it made the cut, but is it really a game you'd want to replay?
My top 3 this year is BotW, Horizon and Odyssey so I'm more or less close with the "mainstream" consensus on this one. I haven't played PUBG nor Persona 5.
I think Horizon or PUBG will win if it's just one round of voting.

If it was a knockout contest then Mario or Zelda....but they'll split the vote with both nominated so something else will squeeze ahead (they might even end up 3 and 4th).

A shame (award wise) that they both released in the same year, as I have little doubt they'd both win if seperated.
Good list.

Congrats Nintendo. They just release a console and in Year 1 they already have 2 Goty contenders and I'd be fine with either of them getting the awards.
While Im pretty sure Zelda, Mario and even horizon will get more awards. This specific award is going to go to battle royale.

I'd personally replace Persona with Yakuza 0, Nier or Nioh.
I enjoyed my 100 hours with it but it has a lot of flaws and I'd put it below and the games mentioned above
Pretty much. Either those two or RE7. It’s like, you have 4 of the best rated games this year on that list and 4 of the best games of the year on the list, then you have that. It’s bizarre in an otherwise solid GOTY list.
It's there on sheer popularity alone.
Congrats, Nintendo! Gonna sweep all the awards this year. PUBG will be a close second, though.
Don’t be so sure. It’s looking like it’s going to be a battle royale between Horizon, Zelda, and Mario. Probably going to be a tiebreaker. All three of those games are big mainstream games. P5 is niche so maybe this is the kind of exposure it needs to the masses, but it’s not winning over those 3.

Or PUBG could come out of nowhere and win due to sheer popularity alone. Personally, I would have put NieR instead of it, but I’m not Geoff Keighly.
Nintendo's spots are well deserved.

PUBG sticks out like a sore thumb though, it's not fucking finished. It's good, yes, and popular, yes, but claiming that it delivers 'the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields' is delusional.