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The Ghost from Destiny is nomited for the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Hip Hop

From Bungie:


They nominate in the video Jonathan Irons from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Joel from The Last of Us, and George Lucas for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

In response to an Ice Bucket Challenge, the Ghost from Destiny is answering the call to raise money for ALS research. To follow suit, the developers from Bungie are making donations to honor his frosty sacrifice.

Visit http://www.alsa.org to join us making a difference.

Until September 9th, we'll also be donating 20% of all proceeds from the Bungie Store (www.bungiestore.com) to the ALS Association.


maybe this is a kind of silly thing to take away from that video but the fact that they were able to whip up that custom animation and voice acting quickly like that probably bodes well for post-launch support?

Also "before I found you, I had a dream I found you" was pretty funny, and I like how Bungie is kind of running witht he idea of the Ghost being this super advanced mysterious alien AI that came from the traveler, but also kind of a dumb little idiot.
I'm sure Naughty Dog will do it, just based on how willing they are to do silly things like that, with Joel Banderas and Joel Nicholson. Being under the Activision umbrella together, I'm sure Sledgehammer will try, but I imagine Kevin Spacey has better things going on. I doubt George Lucas knows what Destiny is.
I hope that slow clap is in the game lol.


me too


No doubt Naught Dog will come through on this one...I'd imagine Sledgehammer will as well....someone is probably gonna have to let Georgie know though...


Hope some of them challenge Gordon/Alyx in Half-Life. Also, GLaDOS and Chell in Portal. Come on, people! :D
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