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The Golden Bolt - INSERT DISC 2: A Brief History of Multi-Disc Video Games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Did you know that there's a Sega game that spans across 8 full CDs? Or that there are even PSP games that have two discs? Almost every disc-based console has had at least one game too big to fit onto a single disc, and you've almost certainly played one. But how does disc-swapping work? Join me on a brief journey through the world of multi-disc video games to learn more than you ever wanted to about how CDs work!

0:00 Intro
3:01 How Does Disc-Swapping Even Work?
7:00 Multi-Disc PS1 Games (And Other CDs Too!)
11:51 Multi-Disc DVDs (PS2, Xbox) and Dreamcast GD-ROMs
15:21 Nintendo's Multi-Disc Games
18:39 DVD vs. Blu-Ray: The Battle for HD
24:54 Are There Any 2-Disc PS3 Games?
27:54 PS4/Xbox One Games With 2 Discs


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
The part about being able to play any part of FFVII on any disc, minus the FMVs, is something I remember testing ages ago on a PS1 copy of FF8 as well if I recall.

Essentially the entire game data is accessible on all the discs minus the FMVs. It's really cool to see how the biggest amount of space taken on these discs is the (for then) high quality FMV.

Same for MGS1. I remember seeing PC rips of the game that had all audio and FMV taken out and the game itself was barely 100~ something MB. I-e only around 1/10th of the actual data space of 2 CDs was the game, the rest was all FMV, audio or duplicated data.

Fucking crazy.
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