The Great British Bake Off [BBC1]

Team Kim!

I don't hate Ruby, she's just a bit pathetic and puts on the complete lack of confidence to make her end product look better. That and her being sooooo busy with her Philosophy degree has got to be a joke. (no offence intended to anyone studying philosophy, but come on)


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My housemate just said she read an article somewhere where a French chef spoiled who won, so be careful what you read


GAF's Bob Woodward
On paper I'm liking Kimberley's wedding cake best... the way are we supposed to be careful about spoilers here? :p

Ruby is kind of a disaster handling things just out of the oven...and oops @ that cake.

Kimberley makes it look effortless.


GAF's Bob Woodward
I hate to call it on this challenge, but Ruby's being outclassed here, no? At this stage her cake looks very amateur compared to the others'.
Poor Ruby but Francis has improved all the way through the show. IN the end Kim was all bravado and she could just not pull it all together in the end.

Also the pretzel stuff was funny.
I don't like the way she has blamed misogyny for people not liking her and sending her hateful messages. She just comes across as vapid and utterly without personality. I make no bones about not liking Ruby, but I also thought either Frances or Kimberly would have been worthy winners, I think the latter just didn't produce the goods on the day it counted most.

Anyway, it's over, no more Bake Off for another year. :sob