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'The Invincible' Game Announced by former CDPR/Techland Devs - PC/PS5/XSX/ - 2021

Sean Mirrsen

Sep 30, 2020
Togliatti, Russian Federation
Looking at those images and reading the plot summary, I’m almost certain we won’t be getting many weapons in this game.
Story-wise it may be good though.
There aren't a great many types of weapons, but what's there is highly destructive. Your standard retro-scifi lasers are one thing that's present (mostly as mounted/vehicle weapons), but there are handheld Weir emitters that can bisect a man in one sweep of the beam, and antimatter projectors that are entirely apocalyptic in power. For the most part, that's it as far as weapons I could see the player being allowed access to.

Given the setting, I don't expect the weapons seeing much use, so it probably won't be a "shooter". Could be something along the lines of Subnautica though, where you can use weapons to deter particular threats.
Very cool trailer, style and graphics.

Hopefully there is a full game behind and it's not some hipster cringey walking sim like Firewatch.
I fully expect it to be a "walking sim", in that you're mostly going to be walking. The nature of the setting is such that any kind of vehicle is... unlikely to be a good idea, outside of the really big and powerful ones that have the ability to get off-planet.

I'm kind of curious as to the story though. Evidently the game diverges from the book at around the endpoint. Possibly the "alternative" solution from the book was employed somehow, and this is what the book's MC (the man with the robot in the trailer) is referencing? Something happened to upset the environment while he was out on his mission? Curious indeed.

The game not being from the POV of the book's main character is already a good sign. They're going in a new direction, so even the people who read the book will have some mysteries to look forward to.