The Jimquisition - Winners & Losers E3 2017

His description of Super Mario Odyssey was glorious.

I thought that he maybe had something to say about cross-play, but you could argue that this is not a topic of E3 "proper" and/or becomes more relevant when more than two games support it.
"Skyrim: The Cockroach of Video Games"

Well, he's not wrong.

"Skyrim, the Cockroach of Video Games" is such a fucking gloriously accurate line. I love Skyrim, but holy shit.
Hah, I've spent a lot of time with Skyrim (mostly modding) and I object in no way to the title. :p
I wanted to burn that Anthem chat out of my mind. It was so cringy. Stuff like that does the opposite of hype for me.
I don't really get the hate for scripted voice chat. We all know it's not largely representative of how chat will sound but I hardly see how it's worse than things like racist insults and general nonsense over distorted mics that people may hear in some session.

Did get a chuckle from Skyrim being called the 'cockroach of games'
Haven't seen the video but is this an inside joke or has Jared done something bad? I just know that he's one of those obnoxious youtubers that is mainly watched by kids and teens who like people making funny faces at the camera.
Uh no. Jared's a legitimately wholesome guy. Him and Jim are just buddies is all.
The dialogue in Anthem was so obviously fake and scripted I thought it was just the characters speaking for a while haha.

And of course Jim would fall head over heels for Devolver's shtick.
That Train song playing during the multiplayer chatter killed me.

I feel bad for people that hadn't seen the Devolver press conference, since some of its better moments are spoiled here.

All the influencers at EA's thing were just the worst. I can't bring myself to feel bad for that guy whose teleprompter died. It still blows my mind that they wanted us to sit through 15 minutes of Battlefront 2 multiplayer, rather than show off even a little bit of the singleplayer campaign. Guys in Blazers bombing on stage is pretty delightful cringe.
The people applauding pre-orders at Miscrosoft were almost certainly not press, or fans, but Microsoft employees there to provide a reliable cheering section.
Good video, the new intro is really growing on me and the carny persona is a better representation of where jims stchick has evolved to.

really liked the Skyrim cockroach thing, plus Pazazu.

Thank god for Jim.
No word on Sony not allowing Cross Play with other consoles though, seemed like something for Jim to talk about.
I would think if it's a subject he chooses to cover he will need a whole episode for it, not really something that can be handled in a snippet during a general E3 video.
BG&E2 a winner?
The same game which people waited almost 15 years for to be continued after a story cliffhanger and a painful teaser in 2008 which led to nothing, finally to be announced, only to be turned out just minutes after the announcement to be a prequel and a multiplayer shared universe thing that nobody, ever, asked for? This game? How can that be a winner? This was one of the biggest, if not that biggest disappointment of the whole E3.

Really Jim? I expected more from you.

Sure the announcement first was amazing, but in the middle of the speech and directly after the press conference when it was more and more clear what this is exactly, I can't remember any bigger live turn around disappointment in the last 4 years of E3 that were bigger.
The Xbox One Announcement where they tried to scam us live in the middle of the press conference, right in our faces, that was bigger, but now comes this. Right now, I would even expect Microtransactions shit to be in it. Who wants to bet?
Oh, the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announcement would come close, but is right behind BG&E2.
Sometimes I think about how it might be great to get back into Destiny with Destiny 2. Jim's voice-chat simulation just saved me $60 and hundreds of hours of regret!