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The joys of making Shakshouka alone


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So where’s the shakahuka? Nay, what is shakahuka?

Anyway, if you feel the need to record and publish a video explicitly stating multiple times you’re happy being single and childless, then yeah, chances are you’re not really happy, buddy.


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Thought shakahuka was a euphemism for masturbation inspired by...


Her way of talking is making me ANGERY.
Also this is just fucking awful. This video perfectly encapsulates everything that's wrong with modern women. Somehow, they have been successfuly brainwashed into thinking that relationships, marriage, love and kids are bad things and substituing them with shallow entertainment is freedom, empowering and good.

We live long lives. She will wake up and eat crows one day, and it's gonna be way too late then. And no, cats are not substitutes either.
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I find vlogs/tiktoks like this a little distressing, because it feels like a silent cry for help. People live fulfilling lives in numerous ways, but whenever you have to reaffirm it in this way, it comes across as a method of coping with what it is you're lacking. In her case, it's “whenever i'm hard on myself about why i'm not married and I don't have kids”, she has an innate desire to have to be married and have kids.


She's right.

About what?


Dad of two boys here.

Sometimes I think I'd give my left nut to have no responsibilities again. Just be able to blast through a 50+ hour game in a week or go on an impromptu beach trip with my wife.

Having kids is HARD. It's extremely difficult! I barely cleared having two under two (oldest was 25 months when his little brother was born). We are almost at 3 and 1 now and it's still hard.


Kids grow up. My oldest talks in full sentences now. He's a breeze in comparison to his baby years. And my youngest is the most relaxed, chill little guy ever (polar opposite of his older brother). Watching your kids grow and change is amazing. Watching the growth and change in yourself is also amazing. Watching the growth and change in your spouse/partner is amazing! I love seeing my wife with our kids. She's an incredible mother. I had been with her for nearly a decade before we had kids, and I always knew she would be a great mom. Now I get to see it every day, and she gets to see me be a dad.

So yeah, even though shit is really, really hard right now, it's not going to be this hard forever. As I said above, kids grow up. It seems like people think having kids=being up all night and changing diapers forever. In reality kids are usually sleeping through the night between 6 months and 1 year, and out of diapers by 3. Then you've got about 8-9 years of true childhood before they are tweens/teens and want nothing to do with you. Then you survive the teen years, and next thing you know you're visiting them at college for the weekend. Then you're giving them advice about their first grown-up jobs and health insurance and retirement accounts. Then, if you're lucky, they're spending a lot of time with you and even bringing their own children around.

Assuming you aren't ancient when you have kids, you should think of having kids not as having literal "KIDS" but having children of your own, and those children, God willing you live a normal lifespan, will be adults for decades of your life. You will be a parent to a child for a very short period of time, but to an adult for much longer. I know my parents were often wistful about my and my brother's childhood, but the relationship they had/have with us as adults is the best part of parenthood. I hope that's the case for me, my wife, and our boys.


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My kid is grown now... I'm single ... And having a place all to myself and not having to worry about feeding anyone other than myself is a great feeling. Though I have to be SORTA caretaker to her mom (who's in the hospital) and translate for her and be some moral support... I am generally happy where I am.
That woman screams being the type that 10 years later she's going to make a video about not being able to find anyone and how terrible it is to be alone.
That’s what this actual video screams to me…you can tell she wants the things she doesn’t have…otherwise, why else would you have to post a video to others about how you are good with it? (Hint, she’s not good with it and she’s trying to feel better about it, by getting BS co-signs from internet strangers). 🤷‍♂️
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Doomer culture is going mainstream!
Crazy Cat Lady in the making.

Edit: It's good she's not having any kids and hopefully she never does. I don't think she'd be a good parent /role model. Drinking and paying in your 30's is a good sign that she isn't responsible.
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