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The Last Drive In returns

This Friday, April 24th The Last Drive In (Season 2) with Joe Bob Briggs returns to Shudder.

10 weeks of double features streaming at 9pm est every Friday (on demand as well)

Shudder is an amazing horror streaming service for $5.99 a month and if you sign up with the code "Jericho" you get a 30 day free trial.

Speaking of the code "Jericho", Chris Jericho (yes the wrestler) will be co-hosting the first episode this week.

Who the fuck is Joe Bob Briggs you ask? He's a film critic and horror movie host that's been around for decades, former host of the old Monster Vision show on TNT etc. The older he gets, the more epic his rants become. He also has a co-host called Darcy the mail girl (former porn star Diana Prince) @kinky_horror on Twitter.

With everyone being stuck inside, I thought this might be of interest to anyone who loves horror, or movies, or boobs, whatever...

Check out the S2 trailer and go sign up for some old school horror host movie marathons (also some great movies on Shudder such as Summer of 84)

I really should watch this. Great memories from the Monstervision and Last Call days, so I'm slacking on his current stuff. Someone actually uploaded (what may be) every Joe Bob segment from Showtime till the end of the TNT days. They're usually more entertaining than the actual movie he shows. =P
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Too bad it's on shudder because it sucks. I tried it free for 7 days and by day 5 I saw everything I wanted to. I can't imagine paying for it. Half of what I watched was Joe Bob Briggs because I love him
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