The Last Guardian new TGS trailer

Imo bumping the old announcement thread doesn't make much sense because some people are gonna miss the trailer that way. So here it is:

Gamersyde 720p trailer: - Blimblim delivers as always

Streaming from IGN:
Other direct download links:
or - thanks to Issun23

PSN making off video - - thanks to Issun23 again

It is spectacular.


Already commented twice about it, but it's beautiful, the genius that studio has at focusing so intensely at nailing the very few things they do, it just brings it up to a standard no one else is even approaching.


DidntKnowJack said:
Though I agree it looks amazing, I was a bit disappointed they didn't show more. Gameplay footage, specifically.

You do know that TGS has just started, right? There's another trailer on the show floor, which looks like the one we saw at E3. Plus the SCEJ conference is in two hours.

On the trailer, well, animation is quite top notch (the best I've ever seen?). The wind affects everything on screen, it brings everything to life. And the way they presented the creature in this teaser is amazing.


Jonnyram said:
What's up with still using that same music? Is the game still miles off?

Probably to be released in fall 2010 (five years after SotC).
Link Man said:



cool. A bit offtopic, but can anyone point me to the video of that young big toothed kid that reviews game in a really stupid annoying way?


bish gets all the credit :)
I'm not positive but the vol 3 video on the JPN PSN contains the new The Last Guardian trailer in HD. Someone who knows japanese can confirm it, but the lettering matches the lettering at the end of the trailer.


The game still looks :O but that was a pretty boring and pointless trailer, i wish they'd show off the scope of the game some more.

Lord Error

Insane For Sony
Amazing. This is the only game I was hoping to see something of from TGS, and even though it's short, it didn't disappoint.
looks so damn awesome, and that puppy thing is so cute:D :D

why must ueda kill something in the game...take me instead ueda...just let the puppy's


I want.

I hope we get more details at the show. A release date would be nice, some hands-on demo would be HOT...but i wont get my hopes up.

the trailer was ok, I want MORE.


bish gets all the credit :)
It appears to be some sort of making of with Ueda. It's all in japanese though.

oh shit full trailer in HD. :D (same as IGN)
I hope they kill it with fire. I want them to hunt it, drive a stake through it's heart and zoom in on it's eyes as the sheer terrror of knowing it's existence is about to end creeps over it. and right as it's about to and whelps out an agonizing cry they set it on fire and pans out as it burns to a heap of feathers and smoldering ashes...
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