The Last Of Us 2 teased?

Jun 7, 2004
4 more years? many people think the console live cycle is 5 years... it would barely make it in.... They are going to need faster development cycles this gen since they seem to want to shorten it...
It would be more than four years if you factor in the possibility of Naughty Dog working on a new IP before it.
Nov 15, 2013
The moment when you
take over Ellie as a playable character in the "Winter" chapter
, I knew that there would have to be a TLOU game with her being the main protagonist. She is a very strong character, and It would be fantastic to have her continue to represent strong women characters in gaming today.


Aug 22, 2012

If TLoU 2 and both Project Beast get teaser trailers during E3...I just...

Let me prepare a bit.

The Last Of Us 2 isn't real to me. I don't expect a true sequel on PS4 until fall 2017 at the soonest.

It isn't real to me yet. No way.

Now something like Project Beast, a new 'Souls game by From Software and Sony's Japan Studio ?
That's real to me, because it's highly likely the Project Beast rumor is true. Too many pieces of a puzzle are fitting together on that one. Besides, if Project Beast was fake, just a hoax, GAF would've found out by now.
Oct 23, 2013
Older Ellie and Maybe(?) Old man Joel? Awesome!

I don't think this game really needed a sequel. The ending was completely fine to me it didn't even seem it was even Hinting at one.
I REALLY dont want TLOU2 if Joel is alive in it. Thatd be a huge missed opportunity to focus purely on Ellie this time around.
Joel would literally be dead weight story wise
Apr 23, 2013
Cheltenham, UK
Didn't want a sequel initially, but playing Left Behind made me want one so badly. Preferably a different persons story, but what am I saying, I will be there day 1!! Playing a whole game as Ellie would be epic.

Please be real!

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Should've been a different story, but Ashley is so awesome to listen and see act that I ain't even mad.
Jun 12, 2013
She looks a bit older. She was what, 16 in the first game right? She looks a lot more like Ashely Johnson now too. Way too early for a sequel since they announced Uncharted PS4 first. My guess is that they are redoing the characters in the ps4 version like they did with Lara in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.
Dec 24, 2008
Quick, somebody start a..... oh.

We are at least meant to believe this is Ellie getting the fabled "guitar lesson".

This is about all the time I care to dedicate to this hype train until tease becomes reality.