The Last of Us crashing phat PS3s.

Apparently there's another major issue other than the autosave giltch which the game randomly crashes the old phat ps3 models be it 60gb/80gb giving it 3 beeps and a blinking red light at certain sections of the game or even crashes even in pause mode or trying the save the game.

Apparently Uncharted 3 have this same issue but never got fixed. People already trying to contact ND or Arne but no response or acknowledgement about this issue.

My 60gb ps3 already crashed at
Hotel basement generator section
more than 10 times and crashes more then I can count even before that. I tried other games but they do not have this problem. It's kinda depressing to buy a $60 game that doesn't work on the old ps3 more than half of the time because ND didn't QA to work on the phat PS3.
My launch 60GB model is fine, I'm just after that place you mentioned in the spoiler. The fan does go like crazy, but no slowdowns, freezes or crashes at all.
It´s a strange game yes.. it makes PS3´s behave like bloody teenagers.

I have a non-ugly-slim and often when I try to QUIT the game (by pressing the PS-button on my DS3 and choose QUIT GAME), it makes my PS3 reset. It beeps three times and starts up again..


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Not so much as a freeze for my 80gb model, played 20+ hours of the game too
praying I haven't spoke to soon

edit; I will say that it does seem my ps3 is louder than usual, but that might be because I'm playing such long sessions
Phat 60 here and zero crashes. Fans do go crazy, but drowned out by the Sound of killing hunters.
Also didn't experience the Auto-Save glitch. Guess luck was on my side?
I have the digital download of The Last of Us... I played for 1-2 hours and my phat PS3 crashed and died completely. It now will only beep and flash a red light and won't turn on.

I'm not sure if it's related or not, but I would have never even considered the possibility if not for this thread.
I'm on a fat original 40gb, I've had two crashes on single player but no bleeps and flashing lights. The game freezes, the ps3 becomes unresponsive and I have to turn t off.
My phatty YLOD twice in the first hour of play, but it was running after I fixed it about a month ago. I reflowed it again, played for about 20 min and it died again. Then I drove to target and bought a new ps3. TLOU is that good.
I am way past the spoiler part that the OP posted and did not have any kind of problems.

Playing only 1-2 hours per session though. Maybe that is it.
I had a 60GB PS3 and I only had problems with Naughty Dog games.

After the U1 trophy patch, the game would lock on me.

U2 would lock up minutes after playing it.

That's when I got one of the new slim modlels, an I never had a problem again.
Have a Fat 60gb PS3, had no issues with the game. No loud fans or any sort of problem and literally ran the PS3 from Friday-Sunday almost non-stop.
500gig phat(manually flipped lol, 80 natural)
Beat u3 4 or so times, nothing
Beats this 1x, one freeze a few sec after a cutscene, bros beat it once without crashes.

Makes my ps3 loud though's killing Phat's completely?

Shit, I'm scared to even play this game now. I don't want my Phat going kaput.
Back up your saves to a usb and try it anyways. Generally i wouldnt say the risk is high.

By the way, my one freeze/crash? I rebooted, got the "your database might need a rebuild, your choice" (didnt), continued. Did no harm whatsoever minus that 5min of loading again
What really sucks about this is TLoU was the last game I was going to play on my PS3. After it died, I never considered replacing it. I'll just wait for PS4.

However, I was going to borrow my dad's PS3 just to play the game... But now I won't for fear of killing his PS3 too.


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Game does make the fans go crazy, but so far no crashes for me.

EU 80GB Fat.
Exactly same model here. Singleplayer took me 13 hours 20 minutes, and I've played about 6-8 hours of the multiplayer. No crashes here whatsoever but like Metalmurphy the game does make the fans go fairly flat out. I also played for seriously extended periods of time.