The last of us demo exploit (Play extra segment)


fired zero bullets in the orphanage.
Haha, someone noticed this in the demo thread, pretty funny that they missed it. Only lets you play a few seconds ahead though.
oh shit

let me turn the ps triple back on

edit: yea shit ain't worth it, after seeing the vid. Maybe in the morning but wouldn't be surprised if ND does something about it...or maybe they can't?
Got all excited thinking we could play the rest of the level :(

This is kinda pointless tbh, it's simply one more room where you can't do anything except open a door and then the demo ends again the second you walk through it...
I accidentally stumbled across this too. I thought I had struck gold until it stopped just after the door. I'll be impressed if someone can find a way to get any further.
I love game demo exploits.

Reminds of of Saints Row 1 where you could get past the barrier and explore more of the world.
Lol I posted a youtube vid of that. Not only could you get out of the demo area, you could climb on the roof of the train and travel round the whole island!!!
My favourite demo exploit is when Capcom left every single item or whatever in the Resident Evil 4 demo.

And then proceeded to do the same fucking thing in both the Resident Evil 5 demo and the Resident Evil 6 demo.
When Shadow Complex first came out there was an exploit in the trial where you could literally play the entire game. Except you couldn't save or anything, since it was still a 'trial'.
The first skate game's demo was already the greatest demo if all time, and then people found a way to glitch yourself out of the skatepark and skate around a decent chunk of the city. Needless to say; I never bought that game.
Just found something interesting on accident but I'm not sure if it was a glitch or if it can be replicated, but I think if you restart checkpoint right after you clear the room of enemies it spawns you after the demo ends.

I cleared the room of the runners and then ran up and clubbed the clicker in the head but wanted to try and do it all again with more stealth so right after I killed him I hit restart encounter and next thing I know I'm a floor up and looking at all the dead infected that I just killed. There was a crate blocking the door and Tess and Ellie couldn't get through it so after I moved it and they got through they moved another crate to hold the door open, before I could hop over it and progress the game faded out to the logo real quick like I wasn't supposed to be there.

I'm going to reboot the demo and try it again, see if I can get farther this time haha.
Haha you guys gotta listen to me next time I posted this in the demo thread!
i have GOW:A and i used to be able to access the demo "waiting screen" where it had a count down, just started the game then to see the last of us demo and its just not there? there's no button prompt for it.

how do i access it?
This is now a thread about exploitable demos! In the Just Cause 2 demo you could glitch the 30 minute timer and play for as long as you wanted. I think you still had to stay within the map boundaries, but even so you had a pretty big area to explore. Confession: I never bought the full game.
Couldn't you do that in Skate as well?
You could do that in the Just Cause 2 demo too. Although many of the areas outside the demo were really buggy with low res textures.

Edit: Or it may have just been the time limit you could remove.
I remember in Modern Warfare 2 there was a glitch that essentially unlocked full arcade games, achievements and online mp and all.

It even worked in the MW2 demo, always been curious how that worked