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The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal Says He Was "Worried" About Imitating the Game Too Much

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I fail to understand your logic here because Hollywood has been largely unsuccessful at adapting video games into movies. Most are embarrassingly bad.
That’s because most times they don’t bring in the A Team for video game adaptations in Hollywood. It’s always some noob first time screen writer, or a screen writer that wrote some mediocre ass script.

Here you have Emmy award winning screen writers, Oscar nominated cinematographers, and experienced directors.

HBO doesn’t make bad TV shows. They never miss. This is the company that gave us The Wire, Euphoria, GOT.

There’s way too much talent here for this to suck. There’s a much higher chance of it being the greatest video game adaptation ever
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The IP is dead to me after 2. Fuck Abby and fuck Druckmann.

It's an insulting woke virtue signaling IP now and it's an insulting disgusting mess.

Long live Joel.

I'll be boycotting this out of principle.
Poor rich HBO must be really sad you’re not giving them your views…
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If it was a 90 minute movie then I would have said the same. But HBO will do it justice.
Eh, very few game adaptations that go off script(in regards to the game original story) goes well. Add that the gigantic dissapointment that was TLOU 2 and these quotes from the cast, and I'll probably not even bother.
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