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The latest console using a 10+Tflop AMD RDNA2 GPU is...A Tesla Model S?


From the just announced Model S refresh:

Plus the earlier news:

PS5 order cancelled

I'd like more details on this...Is this a dedicated GPU? Or still an SoC with that mobile Samsung deal, or an APU?

The earlier rumor says Navi 23, the Tflops fit...
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Instead of fixing their shitty build quality, they are pushing there technology which has planned obsolence written all over it. Tesla fucked up whole car industry, because everyone is pushing displays instead of buttons to the car and sometimes it gets ridiculous, like the new Benz S-klass.

So fuck Tesla and their shitty cars.
How do the Nvidia guys feel about this?

No RTX no buy? 😄

Teslas will have more than one bad driver. /s
Been using Nvidia ever since I finally switched over from AMD after my r9 390x. I'm completely cool with this. It adds something that wasn't there, regardless of it's AMD or NVIDIA. I just wonder how much mileage is lost from gaming. That's the interesting part to me. I'd get a Tesla tomorrow, but I need my 370 amp alternator to power my soundsystem. Oh the other hand, Tesla battery bank is mighty impressive compared to my lithium setup, but it doesn't have sustained power :(. I'd love to see a Tesla battery bank in an extreme SPL vehicle conversation.

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Coming to PS5, XSX, PC, and Tesla Model S 2021 Models.
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