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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Behind the Scenes Secrets - Did You Know Gaming?

Cutty Flam

"One of Fujibayashi's personal hobbies is cave diving -- together with other Nintendo staffers, he's part of an adventure club that explores underwater caves"

I can't wait to see Hidemaro Fujibayashi implement this in BOTW2. Never knew that there were real plans to make it happen in BOTW. I'll have to look into the water next time playing

Bringing back grottos and introducing underwater cave exploration can add so much more to the overworld, a lot of good ideas
What's more is the sequel will be developed for Switch instead of Wii U and Switch so it will be interesting to see what more they can do in terms of added features.


Caves, the sequel needs caves. The trailer for the sequel was underground...i think we are getting caves, yup.
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