The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Announced

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When they didn't mention GC at all during th VC stuff, I felt like that meant they'd jump on the HD train. And even better with this it sounds and looks like it is more than an upress, it's a total remastering.
Those graphics look awful. Why are they introducing that kind of lighting in a cell shaded game? It completely kills the art style.
Agreed, playing WW on Dolphin looks so much better than those shots, in my opinion...of course, the finished product may make it better, and it may be better in motion.
The Wind Waker was my first Zelda game, and this news makes me happy!! The HD update looks like it removed some of the vibrant colors, but we only had still images to work with.


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I'm freaking out. Ten years ago, Wind Waker gave me one of the most mind-bendingly insane experiences of all time. This Fall is gonna be crazy.
YES!!!! I haven't played Windwaker in years holding out hopes that they'd put it on 3DS but now THIS? I WISHED the NEW zelda would look like this. This is just AMAZING fan service. Thank you based Aounuma. :'( BibleThump


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All Zelda games should look like this.
No they shouldn't. I hate the cell style. On the other hand. I'm really enjoying playing Skyward Sword via Dolphin at the minute. That's a great art style. I'd be quite happy if Ninty went down that path.
Remember that time they banked on an HD rerelease to push sales of hardware?

Shut up, Nintendo. Bring me something new.
Did you not watch the segment directly after when Iwata said they're releasing Wind Waker HD in the fall to tide people over while the main Zelda team works on the Wii U Zelda?

It happened like... right after that, dude.


Remember that time they banked on an HD rerelease to push sales of hardware?

Shut up, Nintendo. Bring me something new.
I remember people being over the moon with OoT for the 3DS, but for all the fuss over the announcement an release it didn't do much for the 3DS at the time.

So I would have to agree, I loved WindWake and it looks awesome in HD regardless of a slight loss in style the original had, but I want new games to get me to buy their system, give me HD remakes/rereleases running up to a new game or afterwards, not as a stop gap because they haven't managed to plan ahead well for a new system.
Hey Nintendo, here's the fix list:

- Add much, much more land.
- Make travel less tedious (ie. not having to play that song every time I want to change wind direction).
- Fix that tedious Triforce quest.

Just make the non-land non-dungeon parts less tedious overall!
I like the look of the environments, but prefer the original cel shaded character models.

It seems to be early in development since we saw no footage at all. Hopefully improvements and tweaks to the visual style aren't finalized just yet.
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jk it looks nice, but it has deviated a lot from the original game's look, unfortunately.
I think they're currently sitting on the fine line between a HD upressing and a significant graphical overhaul- they need to pick a side. I'd prefer the former, but the latter also makes a great deal of sense. This half-way house doesn't real interest me either way.
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