The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Announced

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Pfff, Sony and Microsoft have been doing HD-remakes for years now. Nintendo ripping off the others once again. Nintendoomed.

... :p

(By the way; Holy shit that looks amazing. This is how you do an HD-remake! If this is any indication of what Nintendo can do I can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy and/or Sunshine HD.)
Not sure how I feel about the game's look, something about it seems off. I'm more interested in the gameplay tune ups, I wonder if they'll put those cut dungeons back in?
I wanted it to look more like Ni no Kuni but anyway.

- New dungeons
- New side-quests
- More NPCs
- New locations

- The Triforce quest
HDR is crazy... and it is an entirely different style. It honestly looks like a fan-made shader mod in some screens.

I sortof get the aesthetic though, it seems to look a bit like clay figurines.. I guess I prefer how the old game looked... really like a cartoon. Good to see Nintendo in the HD era at last though, whew.
This looks incredibly awful.
WW on Dolphin looks miles better.
WTF is that bloom and those horrible colors? Also the reflective lights on the characters fuck up the cel shading effect.

Curious about the gameplay improvements, though.
I feel like if this would be any other title, GAF would shit bricks on it.

This feels like they took the models, removed the cel shading, added tons of over-the-edge post processing effects and that's it.

Those textures were painted to work with the cel shaded style. If you just use normal shaders now, it looks off.

First comments I got from colleagues was that it 'looks like something out of Garrys Mod'.
It's nice, but Windwaker badly needs gameplay fixes to the end game. The triforce hunt is terrible.

If Nintendo can fix this incomplete title they'll have something really special.
I love the way it looks. As others have said, looks like some claymation-type of shit.

Makes me want an HD Clayfighters... on second thought, maybe an HD Claymates would be better.


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It looks awesome but I'm surprised that they moved away from cell shading. Something like those Naruto games or Ni no Kuni would have been preferred, I think.

Ah well, looks great regardless.
Wind Waker is the best traditional Zelda. I think that most people are going to realize this when the remake comes out. I am SO pumped for this.

I have but one request: BROWN SLEEVES
The lighting looks bad, especially the bloom. Hopefully Nintendo will come to there sense an implement proper cell shading.

I can't wait for this, WW is so good.
Alright. Wii U purchase fasttracked. This is how you do an HD port. It's different looking, and will actually be a different experience than had they just dolphin'd it. I'm excited as fuck.
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