The Long Dark (Hinterland) Update - New trailer, coming to Steam Early Access


The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration focused survival simulation set in the Northern wilderness in the aftermath of a global disaster. Brave the elements and other survivors, hunt for supplies, explore the world, uncover the mystery, answer the question: How far will you go to survive?

The Long Dark will first be released as a survival sandbox on Steam Early Access while the team completes the full story mode that they are working on.

Hinterland Studio is made up of an experienced team of people who previously worked at Volition, Riot, Bioware, and Relic. Notable voice actor (and screenwriter) David Hayter will be lending his voice to the game as well.


New website:

New Gamespot preview:

New trailer:

Twitch stream (Gameplay) archive:

Alpha Roadmap

All Alpha Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha on July 22nd.
All Beta Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha on August 22nd.
All remaining Backers will get access to the Sandbox Alpha as soon as Early Access is launched in September.

I backed this on Kickstarter last year and it sounds like they've made some major progress so I thought I'd share - I know there's a lot of these 'survival' games out there but the talent behind this and atmosphere/simulation aspects look to set it apart.
Damn, is no one playing this at all? Or is my thread just super dead?

I've been trying it more the last few nights, got real lucky and stumbled across cabins.

I love the atmosphere and gameplay, it's really got a unique feel to it. Though some of the "realistic" aspects are at odds with the gamier stuff. Like why can I burn a newspaper but not that calendar hanging on the cabin wall?