The most wishlisted games on GOG will get 'super cheap' on Monday

Those poor people who thought they were getting a bunch of freebies from their wishlist.

Edit: And now I'm seeing GOG tweets saying that they are doing it on a small scale? I have no idea what's going on.
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It's not among the most wishlisted titles, but The Longest Journey is heavily discounted to end up as $1.99.

I can't remember adding it to my list.

But I like corny-looking games. I'll get it.
Wow at trails in the sky 3 being on sale. If I didn't own it already, and again on PSP, and planning on buying the Vita le as well, I'd totally go for it
I think this is the lowest Planescape Torment: EE has been on gog though it did drop the same price recently on fanatical(steam key), but the gog version comes with the original Planescape as well.