The Multiformat Artshots Thread (formerly part of the PC screenshots thread)

For the benefit of the original PC screenshots thread, I'm starting a thread for screenshots dealing with the more artistic side of things. When it comes to downsampling, console commands and mods, this is a stigma-free zone. Moreover, it isn't limited to PC.

To keep the quality up, though, there are rules:

- No more than two full-size images per post. A full-size image is considered anything larger than 500px along any side. If you want to post more than two full-size images, either double-post or use thumbnails for the rest.

- No HUDs. You can't have an artistic shot with a load of funk all over the screen.

- All images have to be directly captured. That means no camera shots of your telly, but rather Fraps, hardware grabber shots, or images produced by in-game functions.

- No disingenuous Photoshopping. Gamma correction is fine (and often necessary); bigger boobs on Lara are not. Smaller boobs on Lara aren't either, though your taste is impeccable. This is about celebrating games, not your skills with the brush tool.

- Emulator shots are allowed but the HUD rule still applies.

- No Second Life.

UPDATE: Also, any PC tech questions - "what kinds of framerates..?", "what's your spec?" - should really be saved for the PC screenshot thread. Many of the shots here will use debug functions and the like to adopt angles and compositions you wouldn't see in-game anyway, so they're not the best targets.
Congrats on the new thread TheOctagon. Will be interesting to see if anybody else will post.

Also, what is the policy on info? Is description on how the shot was taken (downsampling etc.) mandatory or by request?
I'll just post some of the best shots I've got available at the moment before Octagon steals the show.

edit: image rehost problems, herp derp
Those screens are pretty awful, john and LQX. Sorry. And they kind of defeat the purpose of this thread.

Needs more downsampling to create artistic bullshots.
I'd encourage downsampling, tbh. Just better all round, not least for actually browsing the thread. Something around the 1024px mark used by Flickr's 'large' size should do it. That said, linking to the full resolution is always a good idea, whether for wallpapers or whatever.
Without anything new to post, I'll resort to posting my four favourite images from games wot I have grabbed, then link to the full sets. Time for a trip down memory lane.

Wipeout HD:

Flickr won't resize these properly as most are only 720p, so I'll post eight thumbnails to compensate. As always, click for full size.

Dedication Through Light said:
Im serious, I just guessed cause the previous post said HL2 and the picture continued, Ive never played the game
It is HL2. I was referring to where you said she looks real.

I am amazed at your lack of an uncanny valley.