The Multiformat Artshots Thread (formerly part of the PC screenshots thread)

I didn't really plan on sending these anywhere other than the recycle bin. In fact, I didn't even know they were on my hard drive. Given that the game's as accessible as the Titanic now, though - and I don't make the comparison lightly - I figured they're all strangely valuable.

Hope those dudes in that place get that private server running. I never did finish customising that car.

TheOctagon said:
Christ on a bike! Those are amazing GTA shots. Is some kind of replay feature being used there?
Yup, while in the video editor you have complete control of the camera (within the player radius), free cam, adjust fov, tilt the camera, remove hud etc. Its 1 of the main reasons i got GTA IV PC, i just love that thing :D
It's totally not finished. It's a tech demo, in fact, by its own admission. But obviously it looks incredible, absolutely nails the art style and is already working wonders with CE2. It has a Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel with various over-the-shoulder cameras, and a Gears/Mass Effect-style shooting system. The mission stuff's pretty impressive, too.

It's for Crysis Wars, btw.


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Jesus, that looks fantastic. I wish them the best of luck, but I doubt they'll be able to completely finish it.

Are they simply recreating the first game? That would at least give it some hope of seeing the light of day as they'd have a real direction to go in.
Wow that's beautiful!
TheOctagon said:
It's for Crysis Wars, btw.
I know that I can download the Crysis Wars demo to play this mod... but what exactly is Crysis Wars? I've bought Crysis and Warhead off of STEAM, and as far as I see Wars is a compilation? So do I have to buy (which I can't because I live in Sweden and it's not available here) the same games again, in compilation form, to play mods that use Wars?

(EDIT) Nevermind, found an explanation. Crysis Wars is the multiplayer included in in Warhead. Confusing!